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jack gilinsky  just keep your head above the water, n I know you’ll find some way to breathe 💫🌊

how I wish, how I wish u were here 🖤🌈

when he’s a snack vs when he’s four course meal 💦💦

if u stand in front of G and take a selfie it’ll look like golden hour cause that’s how much he glows 🤩🤩


suddenly navy’s my favorite color 🤩🤪

so pour up another drink now 🥂

this song hit me hard. it’s beautiful, and the message behind it is so strong. if u ever feel alone, please know there are people out there who care. no one should ever feel alone❤️

love my boys 😚😉❤️

gotta love a caffeinated man

time truly flies. it’s been 4 years since G followed me! thank u for stickin with me, n not running away from the 14 year old me 💖💘💓 had your back forever now, and i’ll have it forever from now. (also PLS acknowledge these glo ups... like damn)

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful angel... 💫

“oh my god! I think I fell in love overnight!!!! playing w my feelings that’s not nice??” aka me listening to I Don’t Know for the first time. give it a listen.

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