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Waffles  beware, belie, his smile

Me: *shows ppl art I bought*
Ppl: "you could've done that"
Yes you're right I could have,
But I didn't.
Or alternatively,
Someone: *sees art that was purchased for a lot of money*
Someone: "I could have done that"
Yes, you're right.
But guess what?
You didn't.

I am nice :)

I'm crying in the club rn day 2 of the con was incredible,
Mostly because I met Aurelio Voltaire
But also because I got a lot of cool things and talked to a lot of cool people.
A lot of people recognized my day 2 costume and asked for pictures.
Now I'm at a Father's Day party dressed as JTHM send help

Y'all I'll be at Sinister Creature con tomorrow and on Sunday.
pls be my handler Bc I can't see or walk in costume for my life,
As much as I love him he's an actual nightmare to wear and also I need someone to take aesthetic pictures of me 😩😩😩

I wish I had the motivation to learn the skills needed to draw half of the things I wanna draw.

Stop being mean to customer service workers

If you bring up your IQ or claim to be attracted to intelligence, you need to stay 25 ft away from me.
Not only are you wildly insufferable, I'm also dumb as heck.

Pretend I have a relevant caption or something,
I'm just here to unload pictures.

New tattoo✨
Inspired by The Silence of the Lambs.
Done by @katdoestatts_

I have no caption I'm just angry and I had to shout it into the void because that's all I can ever do uwu

I miss them.

I really just want sugar right now.
Also, note to self:
Stop communicating with people while sleep deprived

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