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This morning Facebook reminded me how much I miss New Mexico light. Three years ago today I was running around near Chaco Canyon gathering horse bones scattered within a hundred yards of our campsite. You can't feel that wild and free just anywhere. Sometimes your spirit lies within the land itself, and mine is still there. #newmexicotrue #magichour #southwestisbest

Every day, I say. #gooutsideanddothings #hikewnc

So tired of censoring #freethenipple #mybodyisart

Last weekend's last skinny-dip 'til 2018. Nearing my birthday now, and time's still a concept I'll never understand. #phoenixrising #scorpioseason #getyourassintonature #optoutside #hikewnc

Woke up in the wilderness to good coffee and the first pages of a book I should have read in high school but never did #happyfall #nobodyquiteknewwhattomakeofthemoonanymore #gooutsideanddothings #optoutside

The moon hangs so low
tonight by its pale milk thread
my body too, hushed

#haiku #healing 🌙

How to know when it's over #nmtrue

Keep it like a secret #nmtrue

Yesterday my mom gave me a sponge bath. She spent the whole day with me in my bedroom. She went out and bought me tacos and horchata. She stayed with me in and out of sleep and made sure I took pain pills every 2 hours (instead of every 4). And in the afternoon she filled up the tub, undressed me, and washed me. I've never come near to scratching the surface of how much physical pain I was suffering from the first 48 hours after surgery. I'm so grateful she was able to be there and so thankful to have this furry face snuggling beside me all day today. Thank you all for the happy thoughts. 🌹 #littlechevyblue #family

Finally leaving Taos after what could have possibly been my last moments on this earth. You could call it luck, a higher being, spiritual force, or the holy dirt from El Santuario de Chimayó that I rubbed on my forehead just hours before, but I am uncomfortably stunned to have no head trauma, neck or spine injury, no scars on my face, nor damage to my organs. I keep trying to replay the brief moments before the accident and I can only surmise I must have braced my body in some way that only my arm and hand broke through the windshield saving the rest of me. Broken bones, impending surgery, the temporary loss of an arm can only mean the rest of my body and mind will grow stronger. Dealing with this situation, in which I have never had to experience before, can only mean expansion and evolution for me as a whole. And New Mexico has always had the harshest ways in showing me these truths, which is why I love it so. #phoenixrising #scorpio #riseup #forward #gofundme #halp #nmtrue

Woke up and took a bath alongside Chevy in the Rio Chama. Ain't nodda compares to campin' off-grid in the Southwest. #littlechevyblue #newmexicotrue #nmtrue #campvibes

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