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sophie <3  vs editor | no.1 aarmau stan | aussie

omg, I never realised how much I love their ship <3
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tag Jess and Jason!? | @aphmau_ @jasonbravura <3

Ahh thank you guys for 2k followers!!!! I didn't even think I could get to 1k let alone this!!! thank you so so so so much, just know I love and care about every single one of you and I'll try and get better and better at editing for everyone! thank you!
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@aphmau_ @jasonbravura <3

I really should try an edit Garmau and Laurmau more but I just have a really big Aarmau obsession
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tag Jess and Jason?! | @aphmau_ @jasonbravura <3

this is bad but Aaron isn't ;))
ac edited : @/x.nozomii
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tag Jess and Jason?! @aphmau_ @jasonbravura <3

So recently in the Aphmau fandom there has been a lot of hate towards most of the ships and I didn't think that this fandom was about hate so I decided to make this just to show everyone that I'll will support whatever you ship and also support Jess and the BlueJay Studios decisions on what they do in all the series!
I hope that most of you Guys and Girls that've read this do too!
I'm really sorry if I couldn't fit your ship in, I wanted to fit in way more but it would of took me longer than it already did.
All the ship parts go for around about 2.5 seconds, I wanted to make sure each part got the same amount of time because all the ships deserve the same!
Thank you for reading <3
Tag Jess and Jason?!πŸ’“ @aphmau_ @jasonbravura

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tag Jess and Jason!? @aphmau_ @jasonbravura

she definitely brings out the worst in them
song : worst in me - unlike Pluto
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mep time :))
rules :
- Male characters from any of the Aphmau series
- the person doesn't have to be one of the characters that I used ( I chose them randomly )
- no voice overs .
- don't trim parts, I'll send them to you through dm
- you can't have the same character as someone else, make sure they're different .
- don't ask for the part and don't do it
- picking on editing skill so don't get bummed out if I don't choose you
- no borders .
- due date 25th July, hopefully that'll give you enough time to complete it!
PART 1 : @cynicalvfx | travis βœ”οΈ
PART 2 : @gqrroth | zane
PART 3 : me | aaron βœ”οΈ
PART 4 : @tayleeen | blaze
PART 5 : @lqurance | garroth βœ”οΈ
PART 6 : @weshyne | derek βœ”οΈ
PART 7 : @liyaah.plz | Ein βœ”οΈ
PART 8 : @kai.samaa | Kasey
If you have any questions dm me :))
Good luck and have fun!!!
- #aphmau

shh, I totally haven't used this audio before :3
this is so bad but it took so long :')
song : how did I get here - ODESZA
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I can't stop replaying the laugh and the whimper in my head 😩
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Michi, who?
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repost, I deleted this because there were things that were annoying me so I fixed and changed a couple bits :)
doesn't have to be a plot twist ;))
song : never gonna catch me - el speaker & skan
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