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Rebecca 🛫awayfromtheoffice  Part-time traveler with a full-time travel obsession. Share your photos: #awayfromtheoffice ✈️Next trip: Dublin 🇮🇪 💌

I haven’t been posting as much on IG because I feel like I’ve gotten into a rut with photography. I feel like I’m not progressing as much as I’d like creativity and I’m sitting on a stack of unprocessed photos from a couple of days in Iceland and Ireland.
A friend of mine took this photo while I was in Northern Ireland and as much as I enjoy the process of taking a photo, it was nice to hang out, watch the sunset and not take myself so seriously.
I’m heading to Iceland again soon and I definitely want to capture some beautiful landscapes. Just need to let myself break free from all this negative self talk.
What do you do to break out of a rut?

Took advantage of a work trip to Dublin by driving up to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. I visited this little part of the world exactly a year ago and fell in love. There’s so much natural beauty in a small, compact area.
I also laughed because my colleagues thought we were crazy for driving up to Northern Ireland for the weekend, about a 3 ish hour drive from Dublin. I often drive for over 3 hours for day hikes back home.
Do you ever travel for work?

Don’t you love finding hidden gems that no one else knows about? We had these slot canyons to ourselves the entire day. Share your favorite secret place in the comments. I promise not to tell anyone else 🤐😛

I hit 30k followers today. Thanks everyone for your support along the way. I can’t think you all enough for being part of my little online community. In honor of this milestone, I’m going to share 5 random facts about myself. I’d love to learn something new about my followers so please share a funny or random fact about yourself in the comments 👇

1. I live in the Seattle, Washington area with my husband and two adorable, attention-loving cats, Mango and Coconut.
2. I never really traveled growing up and didn’t go on my first trip outside be U.S. until I was 26. I lost my mom very unexpectedly a couple of years prior and decided to stop making excuses and get out there and travel.
3. I fly over 150k miles a year and yet turbulence still scares the shit out of me.
4. I love traveling to new countries but I’m not really much of a country counter. I just counted for the purposes of this post and I’m at 34.
5. Speaking of countries, I dislike it when people ask me if I have a favorite country. That’s almost like choosing a favorite child 😛.I’ve revisited Scotland a few times and would love to revisit Norway though.

Took this photo during my November road trip through the southwest. Had to wake up before sunrise since Bryce National Park isn’t really a sunset place.

The temp that morning was a chilly 10 degrees F and although my hands went numb at some point, I was too stunned by the beauty in front of me to really care.

I’m curious: What’s the coldest place you’ve ever visited?

Visit places that make you feel small.

Meet me at the sandbar this weekend. Who’s in? ☀️🚁

Last time I was in this spot, I was too scared to stand. What you can’t see beside me is a sheer drop to the bottom. The winds were gusting like crazy and there’s not a lot of room for error. I said f*** it, put on a safety harness and stood tall at the top.
What’s the last thing you did that scared you?

Happy FriYay! What are your weekend plans? I'd love to be back on this beach with @robynw_photos but I'm back in the PNW. At least there is ☀️in the forecast.

Waking up at 1:45 am and climbing 3,922 steps was so worth it.

Thanks to for an amazing day on the mountain, complete with delicious food and hammocks.

Happy #waterfallwednesday. Took this shot out of a 🚁 And as much as flying in the air scares me sometimes, I want to learn how to fly one day. What's something that you'd like to learn that is completely out of your comfort zone?

Can't think of a better place to watch the sunset. Heaven on earth.

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