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Test ran David Reigns new mask last night. I think this weekend I might add a voice modulator and some detailing to make it more unique. Wig by @kye_ball #vtm #larp #owbn #vampirethemasquerade #gangrel #gangrelwarrior #soldier76mask #soldier76 #dreadwig #america #gangrelpatriot

I can't believe I have had the privilege of this amazing ladies company for a year. She's the best adventure partner I have ever had.

Updated David Reigns pic. I can't wait to get out to larp again soon. #larp #vampirethemasquerade #met #gangrel #warrior #warhammer #armor #soilder76mask

Serious business

Road Trip: Final Post. Everywhere we stopped we looked for little trinkets we could bring home with us. Some things were gifted to us as well. Here's a series of all the little things that were either gifted to use or caught our eye and we picked up... #1stroadtriptogether #trinkets #bracelets #necklaces #magnets #shotglasses #patches #lighter #beads #art #goggles

Road Trip: Part 8 Cooter's place! On the way to the caverns I saw a tiny little sign for this museum right behind the sign for the caverns after we finished our lunch I convinced Amanda that we should check this out. We had a running bet that it had died out long ago and blew away in the dust. But much to our surprise it was alive and well, and much to our chagrin they had a way better cafe on site there. Lol. The place had two General Lee's, and a pristine version of every car from The Dukes of Hazzards TV show. They had a copy of the Garage set that was amazing and a living room set up for watching episodes of the show. Tons of memorabilia and a small recording studio. The place is owned by the guy who played cooter on the show and he plays in a band there almost every Saturday. #1stroadtriptogether #roadtrip #suprisefind #cootersplace #dukesofhazzardmuseum #generallee

RoadTrip: Part 7 Shenandoah Caverns. We left Tennessee at 2 in the morning while I had abdominal pain. I put on my big boy pants and did part of the driving and somehow it lessened the pain. Maybe from distraction. At around 11am in the morning we arrived at the Shenandoah Caverns and we took their 1 hour tour and saw all the beautiful underground structures and afterwords we ate in their 50s style cafe and raided their gift shop for inexpensive trinkets. After we left there we went to another museum that I found by accident on our way to the caverns!

Road Trip Part 6: Knoxville Tennessee. We arrived later then expected in Tennessee but just in time to meet up with @killcamerondead and take in some drinks at the Olivers Speak easy, hit another bar, and grab some waffle house for super early breakfast. The next day we checked out downtown Knoxville, Ate at Pete's, Walked down to see the sun sphere in all its glory and take in a really great museum before catching back up with Cameron at his house house for naps and dinner out a double dogs. #1stroadtriptogether #roadtrip #knoxville #tennessee #theoliverhotel #speakeasy #thesunsphere #museum #doubledogs #naps

Road Trip:Part 4 - New Orleans Part 3 After I proposed to Amanda and she said yes we met up with my friend Eric and his wife. We went to Rick's Gentleman's Club for a drink, Molly's and Finally The Dungeon!! After which we retired to the The Roosevelt Hotel and made fine use of deluxe accommodations he he he. The next day we hit the ruby slipper for breakfast and ventured over to the museum of death and hit more shops in the quarter then met up with our friend John and had coffee in a cute little shop where the proprietor Ester sat with us and taught us some life lessons and a bit of Hebrew. Not long after I was sidelined again from abdominal pain and we slept at friends house for a while before heading north to Tennessee. During our trip outside of the quarter I saw the saddest looking ford Taurus ever. Lol Also on route we saw a double rainbow but my lame ass old phone couldn't get it. #1stroadtriptogether #roadtrip #neworleans #museumofdeath #coffeestop #lifeandlessionsinhebrew #crashingatfriendsplace #saddestfordtaurus #doublerainbow

After naps and while Amanda was getting ready I called around to some people I knew and some local restaraunts trying to find the coolest place for a fancy dinner. All suggestions led me to Muriels. It's a top notch place that is supposedly haunted and has second floor balcony access which I needed for Amanda's Suprise. After we had a stellar dinner with over the top service we were granted special access to the second floor balcony just as a seance was about to begin in a nearby parlor. After we had a little while to enjoy the views and we were about to head down stairs to meet up with some of my local friends I dropped to one knee and Officially asked Amanda to marry me. She said yes and she was blown away. She had no idea what I had In mind for this weekend.

Road Trip: Part 3 - New Orleans Part 2 Saturday morning we went for coffee and Bienets at Dr Monde's walked through the voodoo shops and other awesome shops and Visited The Voodoo Museum. After a long day on foot we went back to our hotel to catch a nap and get ready for a fancy dinner and a surprise for Amanda. #1stroadtriptogether #roadtrip #neworleans #voodooshops #thesquare #thevoodoomuseum

Road trip: Part 2 - New Orleans Part 1 we arrived in New Orleans at 4 in the morning (thanks to what I didn't know was a gallbladder pain episode) A close friend put us up at The Roosevelt Hotel. A legit Art Deco hotel from the early 1900s and right across from the French Quarter. The place was like a time warp. #1stroadtriptogether #roadtrip #neworleans #theroosevelthotel #artdeco

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