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Alana  Just trying to make some sense of it all. Thankfully, His mercies are new every morning. [Long Island, NY]

Just the thought gives me the creeeeeeeps #hellogoodbye #uke #tigersweaterforever

thankful these sweet friends of mine came to visit me at work today ❤️ #andalsothecutestbabycurrentlyinexistence

getting to work remotely once in a while is pretty swell 😅 learning dat web design 💻#woot

Happy birthday to the best little brother in existence! Cannot believe my little squish is officially a teenager 😭❤️ #thebig13

so excited for @arielwicker that she got the iPhone 7+ that all of my texting abilities have gone out the window .... 😂 #myfavoritemermaid

storms can't last forever.

Spending today reminding myself that whether I'm in the valley or on the mountaintop, I'm always in his hands.
Don't mind my face. #squish

I hopped off the ol' gram for a few weeks, and I think I'm ready to be back. I will never again under estimate the power of giving God the first moments of my day, the last thoughts before I sleep, and as many moments as possible in between.

Taking a break from social media for a while. toodleoo, folks.
"Life in 5 Chapters"
1. I went out for a walk, and I fell down a deep dark hole. It took a long time to get out.
2. I went out for a walk and, forgetting it was there, fell down the hole again. It took a long time to get out.
3. I went out for a walk, and went around the hole—but got too close, and slipped back in. It took a long time to get out.
4. I went out for a walk, saw the hole, but walked around it, avoiding it completely.
5. I went out for a walk—but I went down a different street.

Forget what's behind. Press on towards what's ahead.

Dropped my girls at the train station earlier, and now they're about to take off into the sky, going back to their homes that are too far away for my liking. In all seriousness, something is going to have to be done about this whole "miss them every day" gar-baj. Is there gonna be a teleportation device made any time soon or what like come on people

How I feel coming back to work after a long weekend. Man. #blegh #moma

life feels so normal when these two are here... please don't go... ❤️

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