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Avontay  My name is Tuluca Talica Amira Don't Blinka. I walk backwards and I sleep upside down. How about you?

Cartier & Rolex💎

There comes a time in life when you'll have to leave everything behind and start something new. But never forget the ones who stood by your side, especially the ones that never gave up on you. But I need to work on that😔 #niagarafalls #ferrari ///photo creds @__jpreme

R.I.P curbby ?-?
?-? (I just found him on the stairs and named him😂)

Yo my uncle be flexing on his bike👌

I'm sorry😂😂I know it's not funny but😂(he survived)

It's actually to lit he liked all my posts @im_dontai

the people who know me probably here me talk about this guy and u guys are probably annoyed but I'm sorry he is just to liiit and he deserves mor subscribers please go follow @im_dontai on YouTube,instagram,twitter and SoundCloud.

Go follow @_imdatguy

Burfday🎉 thanks to all my friends, family and "special friends" for making my 12 years on this earth🌎 the best ever, thank u guys so much✊🏼✊🏼😁❤️

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