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Avocado Stone Faces 🥑  by Jan Campbell © • Mayo, Ireland I sell sterling silver and bronze castings of my avocado stone carvings 🌰 Shop, FAQs, Website ⤵️

Finbar in sterling silver 🌻 I'm working on some new pendants at the mo - one is a teeny tiny cross-legged meditator that I'm particularly excited to show you 😊

Finbar is available as a pendant in my online shop (link in profile)

my Venus of Willendorf carving in sterling silver 🌸 I've been wearing a Venus every day since getting them cast, and I reeeally like how she feels resting over my heart 💛 #venusofwillendorf #avocadostonefaces #sterlingsilver

Iarla Rua, a druid dressed in a thick cloak of leaves🌿 I launched four new sterling silver designs in my website shop on Friday 💛 I have a small batch of each design - although the 3 Iarla Ruas I had sold out within the first 3 minutes of launching! I put one more in my shop today (edit: now sold) and I'll get a few more done when I next do a casting. Feel free to go and visit the new designs through the link in my profile - there are two new forest guardians, Nephin and Finbar, and Venus of Willendorf 🌼 I had a lot of fun photographing them with flowers from my garden 🌸🌻🌷🌺🌼 #avocadostonefaces #sterlingsilver #figurine

I'm getting this lil forest guardian cast in sterling silver as well. I haven't decided on his name yet... any suggestions? For those waiting on Nephin: I've decided to hold on for a little bit and launch her in my shop at the same time as this guy and Venus of Willendorf. It won't be too much longer, I promise 😊 #avocadostonefaces

🌿GIVEAWAY (now closed - winner announced in comments)🌿 .
I've teamed up with some of my favourite makers to bring you this amazing giveaway 😊 One lucky person will win every item pictured here!
. .
'Sisterhood’, a notebook made of high quality paper, with plain pages, and a floral feminist sticker from @kajsawallin_art
Fox and The Hare handmade sterling silver earrings - inspired by our beautiful English woodland creatures happily frolicking in the summer light. from @samryde_jewellery .
Botanical based and mood brightening creations of Extract & Tisane. Mellow Mind Extract to soothe anxiety and soften frazzled nerves, mineral-rich Awaken Herbal Tisane to nourish, rejuvenate, and ground from @irishrootsbotanics .
A3 pressed fern stag print with 23.5ct gold leaf finishing from @helenahpornsiri .
Bran, a pendant of a Celtic chieftain, cast in bronze from an avocado stone carving from @avocadostonefaces (swipe to see him up close 😊) .
A botanical natural soap bundle and a clarity aromatherapy perfume blend from @nurturing_soul
All you have to do to enter is:
1. Like this post
2. Follow all the giveaway hosts @samryde_jewellery @avocadostonefaces @kajsawallin_art @helenahpornsiri @nurturing_soul @irishrootsbotanics .
3. Tag a friend or as many friends as you like in the comments of this post (each tag will count as an entry but please use separate comments for each tag)

That's it! The giveaway will run until Sunday the 1st July and is open worldwide. Best of Luck 💛

For anyone who signed up for my shop update alerts over the past few years: Unfortunately from now on, I'm only allowed to send out alerts to those who recently re-confirmed that they agree for me to email them (following the new data protection guidelines - I sent out one of those GDPR emails in May that everyone's mailboxes were undoubtedly clogged with...)
If you want to continue getting my shop update alerts, you'll have to subscribe again via the link in my profile (unless you followed the instructions in that GDPR email, or signed up yesterday via my IG story). I'm really sorry for the inconvenience ☹️ This also affects most of the people who signed up on my website since May - it turns out that the subscription form on my website didn't include the GDPR permission...grrr ☹️😡 I'm sorry I didn't discover that until today... .
Note that I am mostly only selling silver and bronze castings of my carvings now, not the carvings themselves. .

Nephin is my first design cast in sterling silver. Nephin (pronounced "Nay-finn") is the name of a mountain near my home in Mayo in the West of Ireland 🗻 I really love the sound of this name 😍 I'll have two of this design available for purchase on my website next week (or maybe the week after, because next week is my birthday 😉) #avocadostonefaces #sterlingsilver #nephin 💛

Venus of Willendorf is ready to be cast in sterling silver :)☘️ .
Venus was one of the first carvings I attempted (3-4 years ago) and I have continued to carve her from time to time since then. You can see my earlier Venuses if you scroll back in my feed...
In the background is a glimpse of a recent venture of mine into the 2D world 🙈

#avocadostonefaces #venusofwillendorf #oilpainting

Details 🔎🌿 I'll take photos of the silver castings of her very soon!

Ps: see my IG story for a peek of a Venus of Willendorf I'm carving at the moment. I'm planning to cast her in silver too 💛


People of Ireland:

Those who can become pregnant in Ireland need your "YES" vote this Friday.

Please get out and vote 💛

For people who are undecided or veering towards voting No: Remember, this is not a vote about whether you are pro or anti-abortion. The 8th amendment doesn't stop abortions from happening in Ireland - it simply makes them unsafe and unregulated. People have to travel abroad to access the services they're denied at home. Most don't bring their medical records, so the doctors who treat them know nothing of their medical history. Others have to order unregulated abortion pills online and take them alone without the guidance and supervision of a doctor. There is never going to be an Ireland without crisis pregnancies, fatal foetal anomalies, and other personal reasons people need to access this medical service. Many people who are anti-abortion can see the importance of voting yes, and have decided to do so this Friday.

Trust people to make their own moral decisions. Make abortion safe and accessible for those who need it in Ireland. Thanks for reading 💛

#repealthe8th #together4Yes #prochoice #voteYes #inhershoes

hello everyone 👋 I hope you're all well! Just want to let you know that you can now meet my bronze characters in real life at the Quay Gallery @thequaygallery, Westport, County Mayo in the West of Ireland 😊 it is a really beautiful shop and I'm honoured to have my work in there alongside a range of unique and awe-inspiring Irish crafts ☘️ In other news, I'm getting some of my carvings cast in sterling silver at the moment 💛 I'll have photos of them soon! #westport #avocadostonefaces

orange treasures 🍁🍂 #avocadostonefaces

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