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aviva levine  Be who you are & say what you feel because those who mind don't matter & those who matter don't mind. DrSeuss Healer 💕 Hostess #smooveatlukas #baylove


💯 TONIGHT <<< SAKE-1 >>> All. Damn. Night. SMOOVE is always FREE b4 10 $5 b4 11
10pm-2am 21+ @shellyjeffersonproductions is on #doorgirl duty 😍 so come extra flirty 😍@venue.lukasoakland
Every 4th Saturday celebrating LIFE & LOVE in The Bay... VIBE: Positivity
Give thanks to all who have helped keep this party alive for over 13 years... #SOUL #RnB #REGGAE #HIPHOP #SALSA #BAYLOVE #OAKLAND #smooveatlukas #bayarea #baylife #onelove

BRIDGE POSE with a block 🙏🏽 Watch the entire video to see how to get in and out of the pose safely ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 link in bio 💕
1. Lay on the back, knees bent, feet parallel and about hip width apart. Align knees over the ankles.
2. Relax the neck
3. Lift and spread all toes. Press through all the foot bones evenly
4. On exhale curl pubic bone towards belly and raise hips to a sustainable height (hopefully you can stay in the pose for 4-10 breaths)

5. Engage inner thighs, inner ankles and hamstrings. Keep tailbone tucked (this is a small but important move to keep the glutes lengthening towards the back of the knees) and neck relaxed.
6. After 2-4 breathe slide a yoga block under the sacrum at a supportive height. Find a height that offers a stretch for the quads and hip flexors and also gives the low back room to lengthen. Keep the hamstrings engaged.

7. Take 4-10 deep breaths expanding the ribs and giving the diaphragm lots of room to explore.

8. To come out of the pose. Inhale off the block and roll down on exhale. Keep tucking the little teeny tailbone the entire way down. Come onto upper back, middle back, lower back, sacrum, sit bones and tail bone.
9. Take a deep breath allowing the pelvis to release.
CLASS TOMORROW 9:15-10:45am #asundaykindalove 💕 @innerstellar1 ALL LEVELS + the @groupon is still LIVE 💯🕺🏾👏🏽 @breatheinloveretreats #quads #quadstretch #hipflexorstretch #yoga #forrestyoga #yogavideo #fitlife #healthyhabits #oakland #bridgepose #psoasstretch #lapsley #låpsley #station

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