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SpringLight Publishing  Publisher of Aviva Brown, mom of four, writing about her biracial, Jewish family. ⁣ SpringLight’s first 📚: Ezra’s BIG Shabbat Question (Spring 2019)

For 2019, I set 5 professional goals (create a workspace, announce my publishing company, publish my book, attend a writer’s conference, be awesome) and one dream—publish 2 books. ⁣

✅ I announced my company. ⁣
🔲 Ezra’s BIG Shabbat Question should be on⁣ its way to the printer in early March, for a May ⁣ release. ⁣
🔲 I’m assembling a dedicated office as I type⁣ (well not literally, but it should be finished by⁣ mid-March. ⁣
✅ I’m having more awesome days than not⁣ awesome days. ⁣
🔲 I’m looking for a conference to attend that fits⁣ my schedule and budget. ⁣

Since I’m rocking the goals list, I decided to go for the gold: I’m determined to publish TWO books this year. ⁣

I wrote the manuscript, went through a few rounds of edits, and completed my book dummy (laying out pages of text and the type of illustration you envision) today. Today is a “be awesome” day. ⁣

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Ezra's Big Shabbat Question needs a cover! Visit my website, link in bio, and subscribe to my newsletter for the link to the poll.

HOORAY! My website is live! Please check it out (link in bio) and subscribe to my #newsletter. I won’t #spam your inbox (promise), and if you sign up this week, you’ll have the opportunity to CHOOSE MY BOOK COVER!⁣

Look for other posts, celebrations, and giveaways this week. After months of work—I’m ready to #celebrate!⁣

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Or days, as the case may be. My kids were down with a variety of maladies last week, and it hit me over the weekend. ⁣

I’m finally feeling well enough to get back to work on my website, and a million other things and I’m glad to be back on social media, hopefully bringing you some great books and news about my own. ⁣

Cheers to good health! L’chaim!⁣

#lchaim #hustler #sickday

Do these glasses make me look #smart? ⁣

After months of getting nowhere with my #website, things seem to finally be coming together! With a little #luck and #prayer, I’ll be ready to launch soon. ⁣

And what comes with launching #newprojects? #Giveaways and #contests! Stay tuned! ⁣

Tell me, though: What do you think of my new glasses? They’re non-prescription and I wear them with contacts just so I can mix and match. 😂 Yay or nay? Leave me a comment.

It’s #blackhistorymonth in the US, and I’m spending the month finishing the formatting of my first book (YAY!), working on launching my website, recovering from a shoulder injury, and teaching my kids about the unsung figures in Black history. ⁣

We’ll cover #MLK, and Harriet, #Rosa Parks, etc. But I want to get into more modern figures and the names from the past that we don’t hear much about. Imagine my surprise when W brought me this for her bedtime story last night! It’s sinking in. 🙌🏾⁣

#younggiftedandblack #unsungblackheroes #vashtiharrison #avivabrown #springlightpublishing #slpub

I couldn’t sleep last night. Around #midnight a story started niggling at me, in the back of my brain. By 3 AM, I had a finished #firstdraft #manuscript. It was like someone whispered in my ear and the entire story poured forth. ⁣

The issue? I have two other stories waiting to become books if #ezrasbigshabbatquestion is successful enough. But I just feel...in my bones, that this #story needs to become a book next. ⁣

Yet, it is “off brand” and nothing like the other books I hope to publish. Sometimes being the #deciderofallthings is tough. ⁣

#amwriting #amediting #kidlit #picturebooks #indiepublisher #smallbusinessproblems #abundanceofideas #lackofabundantfinances #avivabrown #springlightpublishing #slpub

Hahahaha, now there is video proof that I don’t say “y’all” like a southerner. I say it like a #midwesterner who was raised by midwesterners, who were raised by #southerners. ⁣

Anywho, it’s 19* F...which means NC is practically dying. I’m dying. @lauren.ranalli.author, I told you I had your “complain about winter” back. Also, let’s throw in some annoyance about #climatechange.⁣

Jabari Jumps is making me long for warmer temps and the long days of summer. We’ll see them again, G-d willing. ⁣

This story of courage, perseverance, and having faith in yourself and your abilities comes wrapped in a cute story about a boy, his dad, and the diving board. Check it out, if you haven’t already. As for me and my house, we shall serve the cocoa. ⁣

#winteriscoming #winterishere #diversebooks #picturebooks #representationmatters #jabarijumps #avivabrown #springlightpublishing #slpub

One of my personal #goals for #2019 is to read 12 grownup #books. I know that’s a low number for some of you #avidreaders, who can devour that many books in a week (seriously, I know a lady), but with 4 kids, one of whom is an infant, and a burgeoning #sidehustle as a #indiekidlit author, 12 in one year seems impossible. ⁣

January is basically over, so I’m already behind. I picked up #everydayholiness on a recommendation from @modernritual and @mamashalom. It’s not exactly light reading, but I can’t wait to get into it. ⁣

I typically like literary books a little on the lighter side. Years ago, I LOVED #thenightcircus and #wheredyougobernadette. So, let’s flip our usual script. Don’t disown me, but I loathe Jane Austen. What books do YOU recommend I read this year? Tell me in the comments. 🥰⁣

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Happy Monday, y’all! In “learn more about Aviva” news...I am a #gymnastics super fan. My first taste of #olympicgold was watching the #magnificentseven win Team Gold for the USA in 1996. Ten year old Aviva wanted to be #dominiquedawes SO BAD!⁣⁣
Alas, the #gymnastlife was not for me, but I still watch every 4 years and cheer on Team USA. In 2016, @lauriehernandez was part of the #finalfive and led us to Team Gold, yet again. And then she wrote a book. ⁣⁣
In this book, Zoe sees #gymnasts on TV and decides she wants to be that. She begins lessons and she is GOOD. Then she falls. And although her siblings and parents try to coax her back onto the beam, she is scared. Eventually, she gets back up. She keeps trying. She keeps falling. But she gets better. She gets to compete. ⁣⁣
This book about #perseverance caught me off guard, and the tears started to flow. I’ve been struggling with lack of confidence and the desire to just quit. Who am I to have written a book? Who am I to think anyone would want to read something I’ve written? The hubris. The gall of me. ⁣⁣
“I can’t.” “I won’t.” “I’m not good enough.” “I’m going to fail.” But Zoe’s story, Laurie’s story, convinced me for at least #onemoreday that I can do this and it’s worth doing. ⁣⁣
Sometimes I wonder if #kidlit was actually written for #kids, or if it was all written to bolster up us adults. ❤️⁣⁣
Ages 2-32 😉⁣⁣
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