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Happy Valentines everyone! OK, yes, I know, for many, this may not be a "happy" day, and perhaps even hate the day. sure, I actually agree that it is a bit of a hallmark day so to speak - a flurry of spending to show the significant other that you "are in fact in love". For me, this will be my first valentines without a valentines for over 18 years. The last few years seemed to be a "forced event", so oddly enough, today does not seem to bother me at all, in fact I'm happy. I get to spend time with my daughter and son, so a father cannot ask for more :). No matter where you are - in love as a couple, or perhaps you have never even tasted "true love" and are waiting - take today for where you are in your life, and not as what "could" or "should" be.

Remember this? Random art at Spanish Banks a few years ago after a fresh snowfall :)

Happy winter solstice everyone!
I personally almost see today as the "new year" so to speak, as this marks the start of longer days to come. But I certainly dont mind the longer nights... means more sleep between shooting sunset and sunrise!

Taken a couple years ago, this was an extraordinary trip to the bottom of Helmken Falls in Wells Grey Provincial Park. Note: I hired a professional mountain guide to assist getting here. It involved negotiating a 100 ft ice wall and deep crevasses to get here.. so not something you can just hike to!

I was trying my best to make it to the peak of Mt Seymour a couple years ago but got a late start.
As the was about to set the surrounding clouds just lit up to a bright orange glow. It is hard to describe the excitement and thrill I felt in those moments just looking all around me in a seemingly alien world.. yet.. it is the real world. This was better than any show.. that is for sure!

Winter is coming to the local mountains!

Meanwhile on the other side of the world Inwas lucky to capture the milky ways core directly overhead. In New Zealand taken a couple years ago.
Do you like looking up at the dark sky you you are away from the city lights?

Ah, yes, one of the most photographed trees in Portland. Do you see why? btw, this is a crop of a 350mp image. 15 shots at 35mm pano.

I was shooting the Japanese Maple tree in Portland yesterday, and while waiting into the long linup of photographers to take a pic of the same tree passerbys would ask "why would you line up to take a picture of the same thing as the guy in front of you?". I suppose that is true right? With thousands of pics of the same place.. why even bother? Another example is Lake Louise .. one of the most photographed lakes in the world. Why even bother? Well, here is my version of it, and it it is a 425mp image.

What do you think of taking shots of places that are overshot,

Captured recently along hwy 2 in WA.

I'm coming to Calgary to talk photography! I'll be talking about my business of fine art prints and diving into Panos! check profile link for the details :)

having a great time here in TO catching up with old friends meeting with clients and getting some shots in. Check out @chase.teron story for a meetup tonight on center island!

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