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Aviraj Pardesi  Entrepreneur I Transform People Online Personal Trainer Youtube : Aesthetic Aviraj Collaborations & Online coaching : avirajsharma1@gmail.com πŸ“©

Transformation by my client @raw.vin.the1
Rouvin wanted to lose fat and make his abs visible while making sure that the diet fits in his lifestyle. We talked about his goals and started his transformation. We kept the supplements to minimal for this one. The diet had more whole food. .

Rouvin loved it so much and now he has already started the lean bulk program. It feels good to work with such positive people. .

Guys I am taking clients for April and May. You can email me and start your transformation. Limited slots available ! .

Email : avirajsharma1@gmail.com

I smile when you shit on me because I know how that will end. I win, you don't. .

Email me for online coaching : avirajsharma1@gmail.com


Current form πŸ’“ .

Email me for online training : avirajsharma1@gmail.com

The power of unshakable dedication and consistency πŸ’“ .

Email me for online coaching here : avirajsharma1@gmail.com

Not everybody likes it rough but not everybody likes it vanilla ;) . Atleast I don't. .

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I think I have a friendship with this road now. It never lets me down and I respect it equally. Underestimating this road would be a mistake. Even if you memorise every turn, you can never predict what will happen next and that's the beauty of it.

Throwback to 2016. I look so different here without the mighty beard. I still remember the mindset I had back in 2016. Focus was on being consistent in all the aspects of my life. That did pay off. Always does and always will. . .
Ps How do I look without the beard ? .

Email me for online coaching : avirajsharma1@gmail.com

A tough stretch we faced while exploring a new unexplored valley. One of the most trickiest roads I have been on. I had a big grin on my face while crossing this one. If you are curious, yes I was scared but at the end of the day this is what makes me happy. The rush and beauty of these humungous hills. .

I am in Narkanda right now practising a new skill I learnt. Now I can safely say that I can scrape my side stand on every turn bringing out spark from it. I also ended up scraping my shoes on some corners. My new shoes aren't that new from bottom. The grip is worn out and I feel amazing. Recorded some videos too which I will be posting soon. I will hop on my motorcycle once again now. Expecting to witness one more sunset today.

I think the biggest issue is that ever since the day we are born, they give us a " Rulebook " on how to live life. They expect us to follow the same rules and patterns to live the same mundane type of life everyone lives. We need to know and take action on the fact that we can shape our
life the way we want to. As crazy and spontaneous you want it to be.
The first step is difficult but it's necessary that you keep that rulebook down and write a new book. Of your own, with stories you will make along the way.

* Becoming great at something * .

okay you wanna know the secret of becoming great at something ?
Before I spill it out, the definition of great is going to be very different for everyone. So figure out what greatness is for you and then keep reading ahead. .

The secret isn't some magical algorithm. It's simple. Talent , effort and consistency. You need to know what you are good at first. Next step is to put in the work. You will have to miss some parties and " cool " stuff in order to reach there. Once you have reached here, it's all about consistency after that. I really feel that people lack knowing what their talent is. .

I was 17 when I was doing what I am good at but I had no idea about it. I was reselling stuff online and making 20000 a month when I was 17. And I swear that I had no clue on earth that I was doing good at sales. I was just doing it because I had no money and I needed it. Well that story another day. .

Know your talent. Put in the work. Keep doing it and we will talk a year later when you will realise how deep it is ;) . .

Email me for online coaching : avirajsharma1@gmail.com

Glow like you just had a great time ❣ .

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