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The theme for Day 12 of #1118planes is Black and White. So here's a Gannet at Elvington, and it's not even me in the café! :)
@kjdphoto1971 #elvington #xl502 #gannet #fairey #faireygannet

Fittingly, the theme for Day 11 of #1118planes is Lest We Forget. One of the best ways to ensure we remember the achievements of all who fought and contributed to the war effort is to keep their memory alive. Albeit a replica, the Shuttleworth Collection's Sopwith Triplane, N6290, or G-BOCK, is a perfect way of ensuring the memory of the selfless acts performed by many, by everyone, from Noel Chavasse VC and Bar, to those who built Sopwiths, shells and helped keep Britain Great is always remembered.
We remember and thank them all.
Lest we forget

For Day 10 of #1118planes the theme is Carrier Borne. Here is G-ASST whilst on sale at Turweston. It left a couple of weeks ago to its new home of Henstridge. This is where the Carrier bit comes in. In the Second World War, Henstridge was used as a training base for Navy pilots doing carrier landings and even now, there remains to be a concrete carrier deck in the main ruwnay. Therefore Sierra Tango is now Carrier Borne
#gasst #cessna

Lightning in Yorkshire for Day 9 of #1118planes by @kjdphoto1971

Day 8 of #1118planes and the theme is Smoke On Go! So here's the Little and Large Extra duo within a couple of feet of other each other, which is pretty impressive given that the little one is Remote Controlled from the ground!
@kjdphoto1971 #avporn #extra #shuttleworth #oldwarden #gexil #plane #aviation #planeporn

Day 7 of #1118planes is Airbus. So here's an Airbus AS355 landing for a Rotors Running Refuel. It came in from Silverstone doing filming work for the World Endurance Championship, was fueled and then went back to the world famous track to film @fernandoalo_oficial win
#silverstone #gnptv #airbus #helicopter #arena #aviation #avporn #heliporn #rotorsrunning #rotorsrunningrefuel @kjdphoto1971

However pretty the Victor is, particularly when at a museum, it's hard to remember that these aircraft are nuclear killing machines. A true Cold War Jet that was fortunately never used for its original purposes: Lusty Lindy at Elvington, although it didn't drop any bombs, it was used in 1982 to refuel a Vulcan on its way to the Falklands
@kjdphoto1971 #1118planes #xl231 #lustylindy #elvington #raf #royalairforce #avporn #planeporn #nuclearbomber #bomb #falklandswar

As today is Bonfire Night, the theme for #1118planes is #fireworks Cirruses do fireworks very well, and although it fortunately didn't go off, there is one sitting in this picture connected to a parachute to bring us safely back to earth if the fan on the front stopped.


Although Cessna's 172 is the most produced trainer of all time, in the UK, the aircraft used most for training purposes is this: Piper's PA-28. Taken from Turweston's Tower whilst G-BPBM lands on 09
#1118planes @kjdphoto1971 #trainer #gbpbm #plane #planeporn #avporn

Day 3 and the theme for #1118planes is Boeing, here is an early one, a 1937 Boeing Stearman at Turweston a few months back
@kjdphoto1971 #boeing #gptba #avporn

For Day 2 of #1118planes the theme is Biplane, so here is a Stearman at Shuttleworth earlier this year

@kjdphoto1971 #avporn #planeporn #stearman #wingwalker

And another one of @kjdphoto1971 's photo challenges has started. This time it's #1118planes and the theme for Day 1 is "One", so here is my take:
G-TATR landing at Turweston. G-TATR is the only Travel Air Mystery Ship in the world, has one (huge) radial engine and is flown by one pilot. This photo is also in one chrome so I definitely have more than one ones logged in this one ;)

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