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Stopped into @flowerlandshop (one of my favorite Bay Area shops) to pick up a couple plants and stumbled upon a copy of The Modern Natural Dyer next to Salt Fat Acid Heat - a new cookbook by food genius @ciaosamin and illustrated by artist @wendymac - dynamic duo! I've been watching Samin work so hard on this book for the past few years and am so happy for her and Wendy! I love Samin's style of really diving into every nuance and detail of process and material similar to the way I approach natural dyeing. If you truly want to learn to cook, this is your book! #saltfatacidheat #themodernnaturaldyer

As you may have heard, we are currently hosting a design challenge and giveaway. ✨ I came home from Indonesia with a stack of beautiful, naturally-dyed, batik fabrics made by a women's collective. And I've put a callout to all of you - asking how you would use this fabric in a piece of clothing. See our IG feed for more details to enter and win. ✨ This piece of fabric is pretty far out of my comfort zone. I typically shy away from patterns. Though this piece of fabric is one of my favorites from the collection because it embodies the spirit of the jungle I stayed in - the swirling butterflies and blooming flowers. When I look at it, it transports me back there and happy feelings arise. So I really want to incorporate it into my handmade wardrobe. (Though I could just keep it draped across a wall and daydream!) ✨ I'm drawn to 101 Acts of Sewing Dress No.1 because it is such a great canvas for large prints. Though I am still on the hunt...I've been loving all of your reposts and hearing your ideas. 💡keep them coming! #avfkwgiveaway

Giveaway alert! You might recall in March I travelled to Indonesia and worked alongside a co-operative of women creating naturally dyed batik fabric. Each design is drawn by hand using hot wax and a simple wooden tool, and dyed approximately 6-15 times. ✨ I've brought home a stack of these beautiful fabrics and thought it would be fun to pass the love along and host a giveaway. ✨ Here are the details: I am so intrigued as to what sewing pattern to use to create a piece of clothing from this fabric. What sewing pattern would you use? Tell me and enter to win a piece of this batik fabric (just over 2.5y x 42"w, 100% cotton) ✨Here's how to enter: 🍀1. Repost this photo to your IG. 🍀2. Tag the photo with @avfkw and #avfkw (so we can find you) 🍀3. Tell us what you would make and what sewing pattern you would use. ✨Contest ends Monday, May 29, midnight pst. ✨ Examples of this fabric can be found on our website in the fabric section. So you can see larger samples which may influence your design! I am so excited to hear your ideas! #avfkwgiveaway

Off the needles! My version of the Mishke sweater pattern by @cocoknits using Verb's local farm yarn Pioneer in the colorway Horse's Mane. Next steps - gently steam block the raw edges, then, find a moment of calm so I can focus and seam the shoulders and collar. Finally, I will wet block the entire sweater. And then I get to wear it! I love rounding the bend on a sweater, getting to see this new creature off the needles, but does anyone else feel a little sense of loss when a sweater is completed? A moment of disorientation. Kind of similar to when you finish a good book...

This past weekend the shop was brimming with excitement and anticipation. The scene included scraps of fabric tossed onto the floor, sounds of hammering, sewing machines running, peels of laughter, and a plate of homemade apricot bars. Six women joined Montreal-based Heather Lou of @closetcase.patterns in learning how to create their own custom-made jeans. Heather is a true master at work. Jeans are one of those things considered extremely difficult to do "right". And Heather has nailed it with her jean sewing patterns combined with her teaching style. Heather is a great coach - emboldening women to jump in and make it work! ✨ One of my favorite things was to watch each woman add a special detail to her back pockets.This photo is of @eameschair (and found on her ig feed). She is a doctor - so she embedded an allusion to her profession into her clothing. Clothes can be a reflection and embodiment of who we are - in a positive way. Thank you to Heather for coming to teach and to all of the participants in this class. You are all incredibly inspiring. #whomademyclothes #avfkwworkshops #closetcasefiles #seamallowance

Yesterday I posted a photo of a large dyepot of eucalyptus leaves. A few people asked what color(s) eucalyptus makes, so here you go @blklw @anastridendeavor @gutrevolution @ch_y31 🌿 by the way, if you would like to learn how to print on fabric with plants, like the piece of fabric you see here, I'm teaching a class on Sunday, June 25th. Click the link in our profile to sign-up. #avfkwworkshops #themodernnaturaldyer #localcolor #mappingcolor #naturaldyeing

Preparing a dyebath of eucalyptus leaves. I used to write a column on the Verb blog titled #inthedyestudio and then...life and well, ig, so fast and easy. Though I miss writing so maybe one day soon, I will write a post about the coming and goings of the Verb natural dye studio. Or maybe one day you can come and visit...

Here's a Saturday afternoon knitting tutorial. 😊 Have you always wanted to knit cables but feel intimidated? Don't! Because it's easy! This is how I make a cable (more precisely, a right-cross cable without a cable needle). I'm knitting the Mishke sweater pattern by @cocoknits. I'm using Verb's Pioneer farm yarn in the colorway Horse's Mane. This sweater is definitely a bit challenging - lots of things going on at once: short rows, cables, decreases, increases. Though I knit this sweater years ago, and wore it to bits, so know I'll love it once it's finished. Plus, who doesn't love a good knitting challenge every now and then?

Looking forward to teaching indigo dyeing class tomorrow! And spending the afternoon outdoors! 🌞🌿💙 #avfkwworkshops

Always a joy to have the new issue of Making in my hands. I adore collaborating with Carrie on this project. In this copy, I dyed the fabric featured on the cover. Inside, there are two projects we worked on - the Full Moon project bag, and we indigo-dyed the yarn used in Carrie's beautiful Deep Sea shawl. We have kits for both of these projects online and in our shop - as well as a lovely stack of Making. I hope this issue of Making brings you joy and inspiration! Thanks @maddermade for all you do!! Thank you @sojbird and @adriennerodriguez for all your hard work in the dye studio! #makingzine #averbforkeepingwarm #indigo

Today, we learned The Modern Natural Dyer was mentioned in @washingtonpost - this is exciting because I look to wapo for breaking news. And nice because given the news these days, an article on planting a natural dye garden is very welcome - so sane, rational, simple, and grounding. Here are two pages from The Modern Natural Dyer which are applicable to creating your own natural dyeing garden. All three of these plants are very easy to grow, provide a beautiful sunny pop of color to your garden, and make wonderful dye plants. ✨To celebrate, we are offering free shipping on everything in our online shop today. Enter the code wapo at checkout. ✨🌿✨ Pick up a copy of The Modern Natural Dyer and plan your Summer dyeing adventures. ✨✨photography by @sararemingtonphoto styling by @alessandra_mortola

#tbt to studying the making of naturally dyed batik fabric in Java, Indonesia. This piece of fabric is waiting for another dip in the dyebath. One piece of fabric will go through the process of wax + dye application 10-15 times. I miss the chickens clucking around - we don't have enough chickens walking around in dye studios here. 🌿 We have a selection of these fabrics now at Verb - online and in-store. ✨🌿✨#dyestudio #studiopeek

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