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Avery Stonich  Outdoor-loving Colorado girl with an eye for adventure. Freelance writer. World traveler. Music buff. Grammar geek.

Our maiden voyage in the #Sprinter is coming to a close after two weeks, 2,800 miles, five states, six national parks, 15 family members, and 46 insect bites. Hiking, kiteboarding, boogie boarding, paddleboarding, dark skies, and the Extra Terrestrial Highway—couldn’t ask for anything more.
This was a testing mission. Now a few tweaks to make before we hit the road again. #vanlife

The world’s sorrows seem to fade away while paddling on Mono Lake with the eastern peaks of #Yosemite in the distance. This highly alkaline lake is brimming with brine shrimp and alkali flies, which create an all-you-can-eat buffet for millions of birds. Mono Lake is also famous for its tufa towers, which sprout where underwater springs bubble up into the carbonate-laden lake.

Mono Lake became a poster child for conservation after Los Angeles started diverting water from the lake’s tributaries in 1941, shrinking the lake and damaging its unique ecosystem. Concerned citizens formed the Mono Lake Committee in 1978 to save the lake, fighting decades of lawsuits and eventually winning the case. A landmark 1994 court decision ordered Los Angeles to reduce diversions in order to restore the lake to an ecologically sustainable level.

The Mono Lake Committee’s lawsuits and water conservation education saved this precious lake. But our visit here was special for more than just the landscape.

@wanderlustbear started his career here in 1991, working at the Mono Lake Committee visitor center in Lee Vining, California, and sometimes attending court in Sacramento to help with the case.

This ecological wonderland survives today thanks to the hard work of many. I’m proud that my husband contributed to the effort. 📷: @wanderlustbear
#standuppaddleboarding #SUP #waterconservation #vanlife #MonoLake @monolakeca

Mandatory down-time in Boulder has ended, which means it’s high time for a road trip. Our grill points west, headed for the land of golden sunshine, with a pit stop in southern Utah. Wow!

#Utah’s terrain always manages to put a lump in my throat. Here the day’s fading light casts a magical spell on Bryce Canyon’s mind-blowing amphitheater.

When @outsidemagazine published @cedarwright’s scathing rant on Sprinter vans, I couldn’t help but chuckle ... and respond. #vanlife 📷: @wanderlustbear Check it out on Elevation Outdoors. It’s just for fun. 😂 https://www.elevationoutdoors.com/no-dirtbag-i-wont-give-you-my-sprinter-van/

Check out the April issue of @outsidemagazine, featuring 2018 Best Trips. I contributed #16: Kyrgyzstan. Because why go ski somewhere mundane when you can sleep in a yurt in Central Asia?! Grab a copy to learn more about #backcountryskiing with @40tribes. Epic. #earnyourturns

Laying down fresh tracks on #ShadowPeak while the #GrandTeton plays coy, hiding under the cover of an incoming storm. #earnyourturns #backcountryskiing 📷: @cesantelices

Sunset lights a glow over the Issyk-Kul Valley in #Kyrgyzstan, with the peaks of Kazakhstan presiding over the far horizon. The @40tribes yurt camp, which is tucked at 8,500 feet in the Tien Shan Mountains bordering China, is a summer pasture known to locals as Jalpak Tash. In winter it transforms into a snowy playground for backcountry skiers. I was lucky to call this spot home for a week. #backcountryskiing #earnyourturns #alwaysnevernotpowdershredding @lasportivana @zealoptics

I’ve just emerged from a week of #backcountryskiing with @40tribes in #Kyrgyzstan. For a week we slept in a yurt by night and explored the Tien Shan Mountains by day. Unreal. Still struggling to absorb the enormity of the experience. Thanks to my yurt family for great company: @wanderlustbear @coolhandpo @mplsaretha @nuanaarpuq @lewiswva #earnyourturns @zealoptics @lasportivana

Moscow casts a magical spell. Next stop: Kyrgyzstan!

Nothing beats a day earning your turns in the mountains. And damn my legs are fried! #rockymountainnationalpark #earnyourturns #backcountryskiing @lasportivana

Windy days in paradise never get old. @wanderlustbear ripping it up! #Baja #kiteboarding @northkiteboarding

Banner day exploring backcountry bounty in Rocky Mountain National Park. #backcountryskiing #earnyourturns

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