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Avery Stonich  Outdoor-loving Colorado girl with an eye for adventure. Freelance writer. World traveler. Music buff. Grammar geek. http://averystonich.com

A fresh dusting of snow on #Colorado's high peaks signals that winter is coming. Happy that @aspenalpineguides showed me a secret stash outside of #Aspen at 12,700' with views of the Elk Mountains, Collegiate Peaks, Mount Massive, Mount Elbert, and the Hunter Fryingpan Wilderness. Gotta love the 12ers where you don't see anyone else all day.

Because sometimes your mindset and the landscape become one. #Iceland #fairies #moss #vanlife Photo by @wanderlustbear

Our first stop at #Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon in #Iceland was in a foggy downpour, so we huddled at the edge for a few minutes and then moved on. When we stopped back there the next day, the clouds had parted and there was not a wisp of wind. In this perfect light, this magical sight took my breath away. Giants flakes of ice drift through a placid blue-green pool, where curious seals pop up their heads to look at you. #vanlife

Around every bend in #Iceland is something that conjures up images of #fairies and #elves. #vanlife

#Iceland seems to sprout from Middle Earth, gurgling up through steaming hot pots throughout the country. The best way to end the day: relaxing in a geothermal pool, watching the sun slide across the horizon in an extended almost-Arctic sunset. #vanlife #hotsprings Photo by @wanderlustbear.

Many sites in #Iceland are a short stroll from the road, attracting lookers doing windshield tours. Make a little more effort and you can discover your own secret magical places, surely home to #gnomes and #fairies. #vanlife

#Waterfalls tumble down nearly every hillside in #Iceland. I feel gluttonous saying that after a while, even 10-tier stunners garner just a sideways glance. And then you come upon one they decided to name. With good reason. #Dyndjandi outdoes the others in #Westfjordlands. Thanks to @wanderlustbear for capturing this shot. #vanlife

At its western edge, #Iceland ends abruptly, plunging into the sea from high cliffs where nesting birds (including puffins!) fluff and flutter on oceanfront ledges . #latrabjargbirdcliffs #vanlife

Wild. Remote. Quiet. Pure. Simple. Clean. No trouble sleeping here, but if you need to, you can count lots of sheep. This is #vanlife in #Iceland with #Snaefellsjökull in the background.

Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens. Cruising around #Iceland in a #camper van, I'm amazed by pure simplicity. Only 300,000 people live on this island, two-thirds in and around Reykjavic. The rest are scattered here and there amid mountains of green, and probably outnumbered by horses and sheep. It's the perfect place to breathe. #vanlife

Three Romanians, two Americans, and two Australians share dinner at a Hungarian's table--a magical way to experience a place and meet global people. I found this event in #Budapest through @eatwith, a website that connects travelers with local dinner hosts all over the world. Brilliant!

#Budapest's blend of spiff and grit made me feel like I was walking through a movie set. By day the city pulses with a vibrant beat, with bustling street cafes and shiny monuments. At night it cranks up to a fervent pounding as throngs of people spill into the streets to party. Best not misbehave or you might end up in #Dracula's chambers, which snake through the city's dank bowels. --- Swipe to see more photos.

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