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Avery Jaggers  Don't show up to the play date if you ain't gonna play

I wanna go back to riding dune buggies in the desert instead of waiting for my CRV to be fixed. I mean who cares if my airbags were all recalled?

I'm all too aware this may be the last time I see you, I know you may not make it back to Tulsa. If that's the case, my life has been better because of you, Cooper. You were always a good boy, I love you. And don't worry, Coop, all dogs go to Heaven

Happy birthday Angela!!!!! We've come a long way since sophomore year of college... kinda but not really. Very fortunate to consider you a friend and learn from you as a teacher. Have a great day today and a fun weekend in Chicago! Lemme know if you need help getting off your parents insurance!

Woke up to a text from my dad "hanging out with Tommy Thayer (of KISS) and Alice Cooper tonight". My parents are cooler than I'll ever be

Do you think dogs recognize other dog breeds? Like a lab sees another lab and knows it's a lab versus a German Shepherd.. #PerfectMutt

Turns out making date party costumes in college really does prepare you for real life. #RainbowFish

Happy happy happy

Well I just got a new phone so I lost all the good candid pictures of me trying to take selfies and Myles not having it. So this looks way more serious than it was supposed to. But happy 3 years, to quote the iconic movie Babe- "that'll do pig"

My baby got his wheelchair! Cooper is almost 14 years old and because he's a Corgi he's been having back issues that have just been getting worse and worse over the years. It's been heartbreaking watching the dog who used to beat me to a dropped chip not be able to lift his hind legs, I'm excited and hopeful that this mobility will help reflect his puppy heart! I love you so much Coopy baby!

She grown

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