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Pintails? More like DEtails. GHG Pro-Grade Decoys come dressed with unsurpassed realism. REAL from the Shelf-to-Spread. It's no wonder #ghgdecoys are #FirstInFinishing

Looking to seal the deal on fickle 'fowl? Add some dimension to your spread with GHG Mallard Feeder packs—available in Pro-Grade® and Pro-Grade® Fully-Flocked options. LINK IN BIO.

Catch Episode 2 of @day60tv - WATCH full-video now: LINK IN BIO.

First and Forever. A comfortable, stylish shirt that stands the test-of-time, like the brand it fronts and the person within. Learn more - Link in Bio. #averyghg #FirstandForever #AveryOutdoors

Irresistible; when they're finishing even after you've started picking up. #GHGdecoys #FirstinFinishing

September 2017 - #GHGdecoys STILL #FirstinFinishing

Photo: @kleinbee

Like a vacuum... #GHGdecoys #FirstInFinishing

Set down GHG Decoys... Pick up ducks. It's almost like magic, except, because they look and ride so perfect, you know exactly why they are #firstinfinishing

You're looking at 10 DOZEN full-size Honker Decoys with motion systems!!! (Swipe right to see more.) GHG "3D Silhouettes" have all the stopping power, yet, they're so incredibly efficient during storage and transportation. Understandably, some folks are skeptical of Silhouette Decoys, though, ask anyone who uses them religiously, and they'll swear by them. Like the guys at @toxiccalls - heading to Canada with one truck, no trailer, and hauling 10 dozen GHG 3D Silhouettes , 6 PowerHunters, and more! #ghgdecoys #firstinfinishing #toxiccalls

When thinking of Silhouette Decoys, some might view them as less effective. That's not the case with the GHG 3D Silhouettes; the most realistic silos on the market, injected with a motion system.. these things are scary (for geese) good. Easily stackable, you'll have so much extra space in your garage, you'll want to buy more just to balance it out. Learn more at AveryOutdoors.com #ghgdecoys #FirstInFinishing

Disappear & Destroy. GHG Decoys and Layout Blinds provide a lethal combo. Learn more at AveryOutdoors.com #GHGdecoys #FirstInFinishing #Groundforce #earlyseasongoose #goosehunting

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