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Happy Thursday! ❤️❤️

Had fun at the big volleyball match last night! Hanging out with buddies during and between matches.😍😍 @lshs.volleyball

I had fun cheering on @paytonstier last night! 😍😍😍

Being home before school starts is a perfect time to work on driving and not running into things :) Also, acting like our entry way is a school hallway is a perfect way for her to imagine driving through school 😊

Being home is soooo nice. Being home and having Ruby over is even better!😍😍

Taking a “day off” of introducing anything to averys stomach. We’ll try and introduce fluids and maybe some soft foods tomorrow. We’re taking this “restart” much slower than last time. We think this is a safer approach especially since she’s getting nutrients via IV anyway. Many days until we get to go home, but not comfortable trying to do that anyway. We’re in the right place, just tough living away from home. She’s happy as a (super)lark now, so it’s a nice change for her! Still pain from the air pocket in her abdomen, but that could take up to a month to dissipate. 🙏🏼❤️

Got to snuggle with big sis today!

I feel so much better today!! Thank you all for your prayers ❤️

“I’m back!” That’s what she says when she’s feeling better...very nice to hear! We also got red hot (her power chair) up to the room!😜

Avery went into the ER last night as she was in a lot of pain and was having irregular symptoms of her stomach and bowel. After a CT scan at 2am, they figured out that her colon had been twisting for quite some time now, and it had just recently twisted completely shut. At 2:30am, Avery went into emergency surgery. They said they removed 20-25% of her colon. He cut off the damaged section and then reattached the good section of her colon to the small intestine. With a little bit of healing and TONS of hugs, it sounds like we should be able to get back to normal after about 5 days in the hospital. ❤️

Summer fun!

Twins Game! (Fireworks night too!😉😜) #twinspics

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