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Amy  🌱 Vegan πŸ“ Perth ✏ Conciousness writing πŸ•‰ Budding yoga teacher πŸŽ₯ Co-founder of @2brokevegangirls_ ⬇


Allow yourself to find the best things in life and let them in. Try not to neglect your self worth

Stop trying and crying over shit and people that don't care the same way back. If people aren't going to treat you the way they should then let it go

If you need guidance, I always find asking myself "will this help me to get to x"...your answer will put you on the path you need to be on πŸ’ƒ

Even though these tight hamstrings annoy me and cause me pain, nothing will change if I don't continue moving and loving my body. Asana is not all about being flexible but also stability and strength. I accept my body and it's ability in the now πŸ’–

I have noticed a lot of us do a lot of talking and are very focused on our best self, ideal career, creating something or building our "empire". Maybe we romanticise about what our life will look like when we have that thing

What we don't really discuss is how the path to that destination looks and how that is going to feel. Maybe our destination will change as we are mid path and that is okay. Surrender to that process. As @melaniekatelove says "you are where you are, and it's okay". We can often find ourselves doing something (usually a job) on that path that we don't vibe with. But take it as a message that you need to be here doing this for the time being. Embrace what you have been given. Allow yourself to develop new skills and take up the opportunities that come

I received a lovely message from @victoria_bauman who said you need to be doing what your doing to the max and be in your full power. It really comes back to being present and not getting too ahead of ourselves πŸ’–

Always nourishing my bod with plant based goodness baby 🌱✌ If you are in Yallingup Shaana cafe is a must for good smoothie bowls πŸ’–

Acknowledging and giving respect and thanks where it is due is so important. We can so easily take goods things that come our way without much of a second thought

When @awkwardvegan_ entered my life...maybe 5/6 years ago now, I knew she was NOT the person for me. In fact, I thought she looked like an array of negative things πŸ˜‚ How wrong was I for assuming these things. Thanks for @pancakestacks for introducing us πŸ’– I will be forever greatful

This girl has provided so much guidance for me over the past few years and in such a subtle way. Her intentions are so sweet and kind. But don't be misled, she will put her fucking foot down and tell you what you REALLY need to hear. And she says it in the best way possible.... I have my own complexes and issues that have played a dominant role over the past few years and I finally feel I am finally grounding myself. And I must give so much thanks to her for being my little angel of guidance πŸ˜‡

A little delicious affirmation for your day - "Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe" - Louise Hay

This describe my states of mind and vibes lately. Let this be your mantra! πŸ’–

Connected to everything. Attached to nothing

Kinda a strange concept right? Sometimes it still baffles me. To be connected to and embrace something, lets say a relationship, your partner. But not so attached that when it ends, there is no going on for you. Nothing beyond that aspect of your life

It is only natural to feel we need to hold onto someone or something in our life because we fear it not being in our life. Fear can manifest further issues. Holding on and not surrendering to change will not encourage growth. So instead of letting that thing drift away naturally we attempt to cling onto it

Where we need to be directing our energy is on connecting, being open and ready to embrace. Staying connected to everything that is good for us and present but learn how to do so without an unhealthy attachment.

I am so freaking thankful to my amazing friends @awkwardvegan_ and @_riotsnotdiets for letting me teach them yoga πŸ’– It is honestly such a pleasure to share this amazing practice. Keep on cultivating that happiness!

In a world where you can be anything. Be kind

A beautiful moral vow that guides yoga, Ahimsa. It means to live within this life free of harm and violence towards the self, others, animals and the environment. Do the BEST you can with this. And always respect where you are at on your journey. Constantly learning how to minimise harm and cultivate kindness

With a lack of violence, hostalities decrease. I believe the easiest way begin implementing Ahimsa is through 3 categories; asana, diet and thought. When you are on the yoga mat, really pay attention to what you body is telling you and respect that. Are your hamstrings really hurting? Ease out of pose and be kind to yourself. Doesn't matter what you "should be able to do". It is more about working with what you already have. Diet, consuming foods that are free of harm such as a plant based diet. And lastly, thought - tuning into the messages you tell yourself and being mindful of them. Thinking negatively releases the stress hormone into our body which can create an array of issues for our health. However, if we think nice things about ourselves we release "feel good" horrmones.
Remember the choice is yours. Choose to be kind πŸ’–

Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety

This quote is so relatable! Especially being in a new job - there is so much to learn and responsibility to take on. And so often I have no fucking idea how something will turn out...and in comes the dreaded anxiety. This is an area that is new...and so I have to sort of sit with the anxiety for a bit

As for outside of work...if you want something bad enough...do not doubt! You will get there. Change the way you speak about it. None of this "if i get there..." it is "when i get there". And who cares about the wait. Time is time. And when you are so certain that thing is in your future why are you going to freak out? ✌

Calm within πŸ™

You can't control what happens in your external surroundings. How people treat you, the outcomes of your efforts or the weather. But you always control how you react to life and how you treat yourself and others

Embrace the beauty of choice 😍

Reaching towards to best version of myself here!
Reach past the negativity surrounding you. Reach beyond what people say you should be doing. Rise above your self-limiting beliefs πŸŒŠπŸŒžπŸ‘™πŸ•‰πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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