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I've been working on a series of blog posts which discuss the changes you can expect when you decide to go vegan 🍃 Its going to cover all the things my body went through over the last month, and while everyone's journey will, of course, be slightly different, I love the idea of being able to share this part of the journey with you guys. It's going to cover everything from the positives, to the more surprising sides of things, and what I've done to combat some of the negative side effects my body has gone through (hello bloating!!) ✨

Another staple in my diet at the moment: Daal. I make sure to have at least one carb heavy meal a day, so Daal is perfect as it's a powerhouse of carbs, iron, folate, fiber and protein (just to name a few) 💪🏼 Serve with cauli rice, steamed corn, and tofu, and you've got yourself one seriously yummy meal!!

Oven roasted tomatoes have become a staple in my diet 🍅 They add the most delicious burst of sweetness to dishes without the addition of sauces/sugar. I've spent the last 2.5 months 'resetting' my taste buds by removing salt and sugar from my diet - so things like tomatoes and carrots have become so delicious sweet, while shop bought desserts I used to love have become almost inedible. Does it mean I'm not able to enjoy all the yummy things life has to offer? Absolutely not. Instead of craving sugary treats, my body craves delicious whole foods, and when I'm feeling like something a little sweet, it's something like 90% dark chocolate or a homemade dessert where I'm able to perfectly match the sweetness to my palate ✨

One of my favourite things about eating a plant based diet, is being able to eat such satisfyingly large meals, which truly fill me up, without feeling the slightest bit of guilt 🥒🍅🥕 My general rule is to make sure non-starchy vegetables are making up at least 50% of my plate...if it's more than that, then fantastic! This particular meal was zuchini noodles (made with two zuchinnis), rocket and a delicious smokey tomato sauce 🍃 Topped with mustard and nutritional yeast (which I put on just about everything) 🌱

This is what my meals have been looking like recently - giant plates of wholesome food (usually featuring mustard and oven roasted tomatoes). I've been focusing on filling my body with veggies, so there has been 0 restriction on what is going on my plates. I've also found my body now craves fresh produce since 2 months of 0 salt and 0 sugar and now no oil (I'll be writing a full blog post going into more detail on this) give me a fresh carrot and capsicum over chocolate any day of the week ✨This lunch featured: caulirice, bolt choy, mushrooms, carrot / shredded lettuce / steamed broccoli / steamed corn / oven roasted tomatoes / mustard. So yummy, and so packed with flavour 🍃

Almond butter (in fact any nut butter really) is so incredibly simple to make. Simply pour your nuts onto a roasting tray and place in the oven for 15 minutes on 120C. When they're done, pour them into your food processor, switch it on and then let it do its thing for about 15 minutes. This is when the magic happens - you're going to see the nuts turn from a super crumbly mix, into an incredibly smooth and delicious buttery mix! The trick is to be patient, and if you start thinking 'how the hell have I screwed up a task like switching the food processor on and am now left with cement consistency butter' (like I did), give it an extra five minutes until it's silky and smooth (I blended for another five minutes after the video ended 🙈). Tip: add some chia seeds five minutes before it's ready for a crunchy almond butter ✨

Update: after months and months of no instagramming or snap chatting or really giving much thought to this page, I decided I owe you all a little explanation. In short (the long winded story is on snapchat), last year I started eating eggs and dairy again (bear with me here). What was the reason? Well to be honest I'm not really sure, but it felt right at the time, and I guess I lost sight of why I was vegan. I chose not to share it on my page as that has really back fired for me before, and my announcement was met with some really hurtful comments. So instead, I decided to forget about this account until I felt "inspired" again, which turned out to be the best decision I could have made, as it started to feel as if I was being completely consumed by all things social media (can't stress enough how unhealthy constantly being on social media is)! Fast forward a few months, after having watched 'What The Health', my passion for veganism is back in full force - I guess sometimes a break is in order, and by no means do I regret my decisions, they've allowed me to fully understand what I want to eat, and the relationship I want to have with food. Will I go back to posting exactly the same way I was before? Hell no. I want this account to be 100% authentic, and not at all about how many likes I do or don't get. So that means there might be a day when I post three times or a couple of weeks when I don't post at all. I'm excited to share this next chapter with you guys and more importantly to give you all some really kick ass vegan recipes ❤️

I've got a serious sweet tooth, so I'm going to take any excuse to add a lil sweetness to my dishes 🌱 Maple roasted almonds are so so yummy in salads and they're also super easy to make. Simply throw 1 cup of almonds in a bowl, coat with 1 tablespoon of maple syrup, spread out onto a baking tray and place in the oven (350F) for 15 minutes, giving the tray a bit of a shake half way through! 🍃 snapchat: avegankitchen

New blog post (link in bio): Cauliflower Tacos! I recently tried using cauliflower as the bulk ingredient in my tacos for the first time and fell completely in love 💥 . There's something so good about the 'meaty'ness of it that works sooo incredibly well 🌱 snapchat: avegankitchen

Today's lunch situation: brown rice, crispy potatoes, kale, black beans and pickled red cabbage 🍃Snapchat: avegankitchen

Bagels with vegan cream cheese, tomato, onion and capers 😍😱 snapchat: avegankitchen

Recipe for these chocolate and raspberry oat balls are now up on my blog (link in my bio)!! 🌱 snapchat: avegankitchen

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