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Ave_D  status: hiatus. priority: work and health. hopefully I can spare some time to collaborate with all of you soon.

this year has been a series of ups and downs, glad I got a chance to visit you dad and talk about what’s been going on in my life. thanks for watching over me. Miss you, Dad.

taking advantage of the ultrawide here. congrats cousins! can’t wait to meet her.

my favorite ride at DCA, sadly haven’t rode it this year

I wonder if I go to a focal reducer could I take more advantage of the 10-18mm

decided to use the Lark Filter on this one

starting to do edits on the laptop, specifically using ON1 because my LR mobile doesn’t deal with lens correction well.

although the adapter I’m currently using is not the one I originally wanted, it’s doing a great job so far. #steelsringefxadapter #fujifilmxt2

the lens in question is a Canon EF-s 10-18mm STM paired with my Fuji X-T2.

completed my 30 Day “one lens challenge” to familiarize myself with a lens I thought I’d only use a couple of times.

Anime Expo 2018
Cosplayer: @thespritelyone
#ax2018 #ax2018cosplay

Anime Expo 2018
Cosplayer: @riansynnth
#ax2018 #ax2018cosplay

Anime Expo 2018
Cosplayer: @k8sarkissian
#ax2018 #ax2018cosplay

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