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🐳n nguyen  🙏🏽God 💍JR Buenaventura 👗Published Model 💪🏽Muay Thai fighter 🛒Amazon Influencer 💌 Email me for collaborations

One of my favorite photos everrr! The kid version of me would be so so proud. I’ve always wanted to become a martial artist it never did anything about it. I thought I was too old and inflexible from my lack of fitness. At the age of 22, I joined Muay Thai and proved myself wrong! The only roadblock was my way of thinking. You never know until you try. Next thing I’m trying is writing a book! 💖💪 Photo: @cujophoto
Gym: @ohanawarriormma & coaches @monalutta @ohananutrition_jr
Belts: @usmuaythaiopen
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Fight fam. This is just *some* of the many fighters from @ohanawarriormma. Thank you to our coaches @monalutta & @ohananutrition_jr for raising us up!
Photo: @cujophoto
Gym: @ohanawarriormma

Ever since I met @ohananutrition_jr, I’ve developed an appreciation for cars 🚗
Thanks for having me at @racperformance at your event!
Photo: @ricmendozaphotography
Hair: @monalutta

🙏🏽What is the Wai Kru Ram Muay?🙏🏽
It is a traditional & ritualistic dance performed by a Muay Thai fighter to show respect & honor to their teachers before a fight. This is a Thai tradition. I love this martial art with all my heart ♥️ Coaches: @monalutta, @ohananutrition_jr
Photo: @cujophoto
Gym: @ohanawarriormma
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🌺Positivity tip🌺 Be your own #1 fan
Photo: @tt_photog
Mua: @delsermakeupandmodeling

As of this May, it marks 2 full years of me turning into a Muay Thai martial artist.
As of yesterday, I am now the champion of the intermediate 95-99lb division & currently still the champion of the novice division too 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 ☀️Thank you to my wonderful coaches & my teammates! ☀️Thank you to my generous & supportive family & friends & friendly businesses for sponsoring me! ☀️Thank you to those who sent me words of encouragement & prayers throughout my training and the tournament shenanigans ☀️Y’all helped me get here & once again, I hit another milestone
Thank you US Muay Thai Open - USMTO for another ground breaking event!

I will keep on training for future competitions & fights. I am so honored to receive the title however I do not think that I did my best performance. I look forward to more progression 💪🏽 @usmuaythaiopen #usmto @ohanawarriormma #ohanawarriormma #muaythai

❗️photo from USMTO EAST tournament May 2017❗️ ✨Tomorrow’s the day of the finals!✨ I will get to compete again in the same weight 95-99! I’m transferred to intermediate class last minute to fight my same opponent from last year since my original opponent switched to a larger weight the night before weigh in day. What an exciting opportunity! Thank you everyone for the prayers, support & positive vibes!
#usmto #muaythaigirls #muaythaifighters

🎼Lyrics of the Day 🎼When the negative is all you hear, Gotta keep believing ~ @_hannahkerr
I am ready for what comes
Paying respects to my coaches Mona & JR
Photo: @cujophoto
Gym: @ohanawarriormma
#usmto #muaythaigirls #muaythaifighters

I am so honored to have the opportunity to learn from the Muay Thai legend @samartthipthamai last night during his seminar with @saeksonjanjiramt at our gym @ohanawarriormma#muaythai #USMTO here I come!

The glamorous face of a fighter + model
Photo: @cateyephotographysinclair
Event: @saeksonjanjiramt Sparring

🔥Quote of the day🔥 Be at peace with your femininity & THROWING ELBOWS ~ @lisaleslie
Photo: @milindsimages

Some of the fighters that are working hard for the next #USMTO. A few more weeks until we enter the ring 🥊
Gym: @ohanawarriormma 💡Doing martial arts doesn’t mean that you are required to become a fighter too. We voluntarily chose this path! Martial arts is for anyone who wants to try & becoming a martial artist truly brightened up my life. If you would like to try a class of Muay Thai or BJJ just send me a message bc I’m there every night 🙋🏽‍♀️

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