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I love all my amazing ladies, thank you all so much for your support and love, without you I wouldn't be where I am, growing and progressing with my business. From difficult times in the past where it felt hard to keep going, to now, taking a chance starting this business on my own with no loans, or money borrowed but just goals to keep moving forward. It's still in the building process but I'm enjoying it and it is much more fulfilling and only wish I had started earlier. I strive to give the best quality and treat you how we all want to be treated, not just a number but a unique person. I have learned so much through sharing and have felt so much kindness and compassion. I am very grateful for all of you beautiful people in my life, you've helped just by being yourselves. Thanks for being amazing and helping to #supportlocalbusiness , my little dream. Love you all❤️#roswellga #supportlocal #womenempowerment #womeninbusiness #lashesatl #lashextensionsatl #buckhead #lashextensionsatlanta #atlantastylist #atlantabeauty #beautiful #quote #shoplocalatl #northatlanta #volumelashesatl

Volume fluff, individually handmade volume fans. These are not cluster or premade fans which are too heavy for your lashes. Full, thick beautiful lashes. With my particular adhesive you can shower right away if you want, no waiting 24 hours. Most volume lashes require touch up every 3-4 weeks. #volumelashesatl #atlanta #atlantabeauty #atlantabeautyblogger #roswellga #buckhead #atlantastylist #atlbeauty #lashlife #lashartistry #lashextensionsatlanta #atllashextensions

Full Set Volume Lashes 😍Custom lashes for your eyes. Not every lash set is a one size fits all. You're also not just a number. I first like to consult and overview your expectations, your lashes and advise on the look I think would be best for you. I only use high quality grade silk (faux mink) lashes and medical grade adhesive. I do not use mink because even though it may say 'cruelty free' the truth is they are usually not. The Type of faux mink I use are the closest to real mink you'll find. Volume lashes are the softest and most fluffy, my favorite. The best for the best. Book now. #atlanta #atlantabeauty #atlantastylist #atlantalashes #qualityoverquantity #volumelashesatl #russianvolumelashes #lashaffair #novalashornothing #roswellga #buckhead #dunwoody #northatlanta

Good sleep is the best. #Repost @dennisgrossmd
Whenever I look at a patient’s skin, I can tell whether or not they’ve been sleeping well. Those who have plenty of sleep have a natural vitality to their skin, while the patients who have trouble sleeping typically have a washed out and lackluster appearance.
There’s a reason for this: Sleep is critical to every organ of the body, including the skin because the skin never sleeps. Click the link in bio to find out more😴
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Quicker does not equate to quality. This is a great post I had to repost by @thelashlorette
What happens when your eyes are closed? Why do complete full sets taken 3-4 hours and fills take 2 hours? Please take a look at world renowned lash artist Frankie Widdows for a peak behind the scenes. I encourage you to read the following as well for a full description!
#Repost @frankiewiddows (@get_repost)
Moving on from last nights post, I wanted to show you REAL TIME how long it takes me to place a volume fan on.
You will see from this video it's taken me approx 35 - 40 secs to create and wrap a Volume fan.
So let says I apply 80-120 fans per eye - that's 160-240 fans created and applied at a full volume set.
So having done the maths for 160 fans applied that that would be 1 hour and 33 mins - and for 240 fans that would be 2 hours and 20 mins.
Don't forget to add the time it takes to cleanse, pad and map ( that can be 10 mins ) also setting lashes up, dispensing adhesive, brushing and the after the set removal of pads etc - you can now see why classic and volume sets can take between 1.5- 3 hours to complete - and mega volume 4-5 hours.
Oh and of course greeting the client, consultation, then after care advice, taking payment, booking them back in etc ( you can see this takes time )

For infill timings you can half this and add 10-15 mins for prep and cleaning. What we do when done correctly takes time so please take your time and don't be worried by what others are " apparently " doing!
Set your own standards for your business - your business - your rules 😊#lashesatl #lashesatlanta #atlantalashes #lashextensionsatl #lashextensions #qualityoverquantity

Happy birthday Frida, beautiful soul #fridakahlo #frida #art #artist #artwork #mural #beauty #love #muse #artistic

💕Get glowing skin *coming soon!* Cant wait until my official open. I have some awesome things in store for skincare (one of my other passions). Do you know that stress, anxiety, ptsd, and trauma can also have a major adverse effect on the the skin? Dermatologists are studying this and finding this to be true. Our whole body receives signals from everything effecting us in different ways. Sending healing vibes. Talk therapy, taking time to heal, healing therapies, diet and meditation are some of the things I recommend. I'm also going to offer something unique. Stay tuned. #neon #art #heart #pink #pastel #beauty #palepink #glow #meditate #stress #quartz #glowingskin #esthetician #skincareatlanta #healingvibes #healingskin

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