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Ava Smith  Beauty and knitwear blogger, and full time foodie!


Dinner tonight: Instant Pot Risotto with porcini and sweet peas, and lemon chicken. This NY Times recipe is really good and only took about 10 minutes to cook: about 5 minutes to sauté onion and rice, 4 minutes under pressure, 1 minute to de-pressurize. Had dinner on the table in an hour

Side dish tonight: green beans and bacon pressure-cooked in my new Instant Pot. Closest I've come to mom's recipe. Sautée bacon until crisp, toss in chopped onion as it cooks. Add frozen green beans and half cup chicken stock. Pressure-cook for 6 minutes. #homecooking #cookit #instagood #realfood #foodie #homemade #foodandwine
#sharefood #instantpot

I really didn't buy the entire Fenty Beauty makeup collection. But I was curious about the blotting powder; highlighters; lipgloss; and foundations. And I didn't have a foundation brush shaped liked this. I'm returning the powder because it leaves a whitish cast in my skin. Must look the same on Rihanna - how did this pass muster? Plus the compact itself is huge and I'm already losing the overweight bag battle. I'll let you know about the rest of the collection.
#Fentybeauty #fentybeautybyrihanna

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"And we'll suffer the occasional setback. But we will win these fights. This country has changed too much. People of good will, regardless of party, are too plentiful for those with ill will to change history's currents." - Barack Obama (at the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington)

Happy #NationalLipstickDay! This is @patmcgrathreal Matte Trance lipstick in Elson. Flesh 3 will be here soon. 💄💄💄

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Vincent van Gogh passed away on this day in 1890. By the time of his death, Van Gogh’s work had begun to attract critical attention. His paintings were featured at the Salon des Indépendants in Paris between 1888 and 1890 and with Les XX in Brussels in 1890. Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853–1890). Roses, 1890 #TheMet #VincentvanGogh #vanGogh

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Ансельм Кифер – Велимиру Хлебникову.
Anselm Kiefer, for Velimir Khlebnikov.

По словам немецкого философа Петера Слотердайка: “У искусства Кифера есть своя особенная пространственность, равнодалекая как от ужасающего, так и от декоративного”, – двух констант современного искусства. Его живописные полотна – широкомасштабные, многослойные, трехмерные – знаменуют возрождение жанра исторической живописи с ключевыми для нее вопросами памяти и культурного мифа. В смелой вангоговской манере, краски на холстах Кифера смешиваются c пылью, землей, глиной, ржавым металлом, соломой, засушенными цветами.
According to the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, “Anselm Kiefer’s art lodges in a strange spaciousness, as far from horrible as it is from decorative”, – two constants of contemporary art. His pictorial works – extensive, multilayered, three-dimensional – mark the revival of the history painting genre with its key concerns: memory and cultural myth. In a challenging manner, Kiefer explores layers of history by a distinct treatement of materials and texture, colours in his canvases are mixed with dust, soil, clay, rusted metal, straw and dry flowers. #hermitage_museum #visit_hermitage

And then there are O'Keeffe clouds. Kind of.

Love it when it rains while the sun shines. #elpaso

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The story of the men known as Central Park Five has riveted me for more than two decades. In their journey, we witness five innocent teens of color who were met with injustice at every turn - from coerced confessions to unjust incarceration to public calls for their execution by the man who would become President of the United States. Great respect to our dear brothers Raymond, Kevin, Korey, Antron and Yusef for allowing me the honor of telling their stories. ✊🏾

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In July of 1852, Frederick Douglass delivered a speech titled “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?” His speech was a reminder that the promise of liberty must be applied equally to all Americans: “The rich inheritance of justice, liberty, prosperity, and independence bequeathed by your fathers is shared by you, not by me. The sunlight that brought light and healing to you has brought stripes and death to me. This Fourth of July is yours, not mine. You may rejoice, I must mourn...What, to the American slave, is your Fourth of July?”
Douglass’s speech emphasized that American slavery and American freedom is a shared history and that the actions of ordinary men and women, demanding freedom, transform our 🇺🇸 nation. #IndependenceDay #4thofjuly #APeoplesJourney

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