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🔺🔻🔺  cinematographer 🎥@avarikki_dp SNL ~ PRATT ~ PANAVISION

sorry I keep posting photos form this shoot but also not sorry bc this shoot was lit

I kinda miss wearing coats & beanies :/

this fuckin crew > all other crews

A time ill never forget #FIFA

Jk I’m a film bro I guess ( but like in a art hoe kinda way so it’s chill? ) #hypocrite

I h8 film bros

~ teach em young ~ #womeninfilm

My sweet sweet mama grew up in canarsie with her brothers Jeff & Rikki. When my mom was small, her brother Rikki got very sick. Rikki died at 16 and everything became less important. Marla and Jeff both worked very hard to be where they are now. My mom, is one of the most amazing, powerful women I’ve ever seen. She is a CEO and a fucking badass. I am who I am because my mom taught me not to take life for granted. I got to see the house my mom grew up in. The house her parents worked tirelessly for. I feel so blessed to be a part of a family that never gives up. I feel honored to be named after Rikki and be a part of what continues to give him life. It’s amazing to be faced with your own privilege and be grateful for what you have and what you can share with others.

Thank you @prattinstitute @prattfilm for ~nominating~ ‘Not All Dogs Go To Heaven’ for the @kodak_shootfilm vision grant and thank you to this lit ass team who hooked me the f up - luv u

ILY white man whatever shut up (psa: my dad’s really into IG now so hit him up or smth @elikuslansky ) #2012

@jj_godfrey is d*uch3 c@no3. Don’t forget it. #filmbros

my beautiful @batyabadie is engaged. This is her hand.

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