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πŸ‘€ where's Waldo? πŸ‘€

My notes from class:
"Choreo meets 90's R&B in an ancient room carved and covered with the many faces of humanity (the bldg of Schulhaus Hirchengraben is so old, & still in use I might add, that the ceilings of the auditorium feature beautiful carvings of indigenous people from around the ancient world. Inuits, Africans, Scandinavians, Native Americans, Polynesians etc., all in native headdress bc before there were photo images or mass printed books, this was the only way to walk the children through the cultures of the world.). Eventually as @insideyoga persisted we all began to move as one..." #Repost @insideyoga (@get_repost)
What a start!!! #openinggroove with @athayogazurich carolina @swissyogaconference !! On stage with us @theyogimatt @barbra_noh_yoga @michaeljameswong ! Thanx for the unique energy. Looking forward to rock this conference with y'all! #insideyoga #insideflow #stay#rihanna #hotinhere

#FBF Rome edition. Spent a wonderful night strolling in #trastevere after our picnic. The moon was full, the jasmine growing over every single doorway. We could have walked all night. Rome has that power ... You have no agenda until it's time to leave. #ladolcevita --- swipe for my funny photos of walls and doors & then me writing food notes at the DIVINE salumeria #roscioli πŸ’‹πŸ’‹. @soniabach108 had to drag me out of there... #tiamopersempre #avemaria

#tbt Rome edition ... Includes Pasta & Sunset Picnics on the Tiber #ladolcevita πŸ’‹

Do you love or hate this pic?
(I def love the photographer!) #Repost @yogaphotographer (@get_repost)
SCREAMING never felt so good with @avantaylor

Honored to share this schedule of my upcoming events. Catch me if you can, I mean it! βœˆοΈπŸ“ΏβœŒπŸ½οΈ @tascadalmerita #capofaro @athayogazurich @lordvishnuscouch #germanyogaconference @theyogaloftcologne @doyouyoga @yamatalent

They say "All roads lead to Rome." And never was a truer statement heard --- (especially if your final destination is Sicily @tascadalmerita #capofaro ) --- we could not resist getting off the plane on the layover to Catania where we are doing a site visit for our retreats in Fall. MORE pics coming but I'm busy eating MORE pizza at the moment. This city has stolen my heart... #rome #yoga #becomeyourdream oh! And that pine tree 🌲 in the fourth photo is where Cesar was murdered on the Ides of March ... and the exposed wall reminds me of all the layer upon layer of lives that have happened here ...

Of the many great lessons I learned from my smart, funny & sassy ass Granny was to NEVER be afraid to speak up or to use your voice. You are forever missed Granny! βœŠπŸ½πŸŽ™. Happy Birthday! I miss you every. Single. Day.

My inspiration daily:
My grandmother, Ms. Eddie Mae Taylor born 5.9.23! ✨Update✨ to this post: When I arrived at the office, @lacorraine was playing Spotify and what do I hear but a remix of an old church hymn called "Farther Along." And this isn't just any church hymn, it is THE hymn that was sung at Granny's funeral; one of the singular most powerful moments of my life.
This the chorus:
Farther along we’ll know more about it,
Farther along we’ll understand why;
Cheer up, my brother, live in the sunshine,
We’ll understand it all by and by.

Spent the last week with these two beauties ... @twee.yoga & @soniabach108 (pictured here at our wedding, Twee actually was our officiant!) Twee & Sonia have known each other for many years as friends, yogi's, creators.

Last Saturday, at the Open Up Festival here in Cologne, the passion project of @dwayneholliday, they co-taught one of the most powerful yoga classes I have ever taken in my life. The festival as it is named, Open Up, was a fund raising event to raise money to bring art & movement to the refugee children of Germany.
There is a political reality & history here in Germany that I am beginning to understand.
There is a rich artistic community here in Germany that I am beginning to understand.
There is a culture here in Germany that I am beginning to understand.
When we flew to Bali, I was shocked to see on the flight map that after dinner and (1) movie --- like 4 hours into the flight --- that we were flying over Aleppo. This is the equivalent of flying from New York City to Austin, TX. Can you imagine if there were 4.8 million refugees forced to leave Texas? And, 6 million more internally displaced inside Texas?
Perspective is everything. Can you imagine NOT giving aid to your literal neighbors?
Class was gorgeously sequenced; a true collective prayer - a soulful, authentic offering that felt guided as Twee said by our ancestors, those who have stepped before us, and gotten through difficult times - perhaps where we walked by choice, or walked by force to a new land.

These spoken words gave us courage, by Twee & Sonia:
"It doesn't matter to me how far you can stretch your body, I'm more concerned with how far you can reach with your heart." "We may look different but our spiritual DNA is the same." "You cannot let someone in, if you are not home within yourself." "You can #openup and yet still have boundaries." "Can we wave the welcome flags high enough for the next generation to see?" "We don't need to have all the answers, but we are out here in the LIGHT trying to find the way." And, we were in the light together last weekend.

#fbf --- working on the @yamatalent growth plan --- which gives me time to reflect on what it took to get us here and what we need to get to the next level. As an entrepreneur successes/wins are REQUIRED to keep moving forward yet ironically mistakes & learnings are incredibly important too. More specifically the CORRECTIONS that you make when a mistake is made, as they give clarity in future decision making. This is also why having mentors and coaches who are further along in their careers can be so powerful --- we CAN learn from others mistakes ... It's one part not being afraid to make mistakes & one part not making the same mistakes twice! 😘. Ohhhh and that sunny glow? @soniabach108 Formentera retreat 2015. Que Rico!
#growth #future #learning
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"Always make new mistakes." @avantaylor β€’ #MantraMagazine on stands now in @wholefoods β€’ Find a location near you: mantramag.com β€’ #Yoga #Mindfulness #Meditation #Mistakes #Learn #Love #Live

Spring cleaning also produced these #notebooks --- dating back to 2009 when I had the first idea to start @yamatalent --- I've kept them bc I have sentimentality for all the hard work sweat & story they contain, all the meetings had, ideas born, ideas failed, relationships earned, mistakes made, deals closed and goals crushed. These notebooks also remind me of just how humble beginnings can be and just how far you can take an idea who's time has come. Bottom central journal is in use as we speak... and so it continues. #longhaul #purpose #entrepreneur #oldskool #becomeyourdream

πŸ‘‰πŸ½πŸ‘‰πŸ½ that handsome man 37 years ago! #iwasthere @jtvw_2000 πŸ’‹

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