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Avanta Boot Labs  Boot makers don’t skate, and skaters don’t make boots. Until now.

Rest In Peace, our lovely Don Klingbeil ❤️

This just in..... We are now taking pre orders for Gold John Wilson Blades

Photoshoot 😄🌟⛸

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The love of flying 😍 something all pair girls have in common. I since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a fairy and float about. My mind, more often than not, is in the clouds. Pair skating truly is a time where I feel in one piece with my mind, body, spirit. Finally my physical body joins the rest of me in the sky!! Completely free✨💜 @shelton_neill for making it always possible. @sgrosscup the videographer 💫 #sunvalley #adagio @avantabootlabs @johnwilsonblades

Avanta stands by its decision to end our sponsorship with Karen Chen. This decision was based on the expectation that the behavior of an Olympian be beyond reproach. Unfortunately, to avoid scrutiny by continued unbecoming behavior, we felt it necessary to exercise our right to discontinue this relationship. We wish Karen and her family the best and hope that we all may revisit our partnership when these private issues are resolved. Sincerely, Avanta Boot Labs

Http://people.com/sports/winter-olympics-2018-karen-chen-boot-troubles Karen, it is unfortunate that you have continued to disgrace the meaning of an Olympian with your words. It is also unfortunate and hurtful that your portrayal of the narrative you are espousing contains an inaccurate depiction of the chain of events which has led you to lay blame on others outside your circle. To this end, and after being marginalized, ridiculed, besmirched, and violated, I have an obligation to speak out. For 2 years AVANTA has been out fitting you with the worlds most technologically advanced skating boots, and the results of your skating has proved that out. Every pair of AVANTA boots for you were built identically and tested by you to your satisfaction. And to our abject horror, the work done on your Olympic boots and blades after you took possession of them was nothing short of pure alteration. Who did this work and why??? The pictures of your Olympic boots posted by you show a misrepresentation of the truth. In closing, I must say it is unfair and unethical to have proceeded the way you did in order to divert culpability away from your malfeasance and performance.
Will Murillo.

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