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Ava Dahl  Bumping Their Way from the Heart of the Grindeland | Unapologetic Geek | Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove | Actually a Bag of Cats in an Evening Gown

In 2017, I began work on a Persephone act, an act which I’ve used to channel my feelings surrounding those raised as daughters who have complicated relationships with their mothers. This has been such an emotional project for me, and it’s been one fraught with setbacks to my creative process, but I just have to trust that I’ll know when the time is right to put it on stage. That’s the thing about art — it’s not always the same process, and that process isn’t always easy or fast and THAT’S OKAY. Right now I’m at a place where I just have to embrace vulnerability and turn that most powerful force into this work. It’s raw at times, but it’s coming together.
This beautiful headdress was absolutely no heartache to commission, however. This was made by the incomparable @marksloniker, and I cannot wait to pair it with the rest of this costume.

I’m not sure yet whether this dress will become a costume piece or not, so I’ll just be living in it until I figure it out. #facenotimportant #onlydressimportant #ootd #fuckyeahspring

Self Portrait With Tentacle.

One tired, happy showpony. #3amselfie #sotired #soworthit

So a Grey Jedi and a Big Damn Hero walk into a gay bar.... @justpandorable

Hey, Baron Grinnit here. I’ll be taking over Ava’s IG all weekend for some sexy shenanigans in Knoxville, which you can still get tickets for in the #linkinbio. See you tomorrow at The Edge Knoxville!

Just a #nofilter photo of some showgirl fluff in the sunshine. Boa in Amethyst by @fancyfeathercom.

I added a lil baby Beast to my Funko army today and I am so happy about it.

Oh, this old thing? 😘

I’ve feel as if lately I’ve reached critical makeup mass and have swung back toward “undereye concealer counts as foundation, right?”

My low key gender fuckery for the evening. I’m looking forward to my next full beat as Baron Grinnit in Knoxville with BearItAll Burlesque next week!
#knoxville #burlesque
See ticket #linkinbio

Self Portrait of the Artist on Her Couch.

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