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Ava & Sarge LJ  We're just 2 boxers living the dream life in Charlotte & love to share our adventures with you!❤


Sarge: While everyone else is asleep, I play with my Sasquatch! And despite what Ava may claim, I'm not loud on purpose to wake everyone up😏

Ava: I am not talking to my parents for the rest of the day, no matter how fresh and clean I smell😤 #BoxerBathSunday

Ava: I think I'm next!😟 #BoxerBathSunday

Sarge: Oh yes you are Ava! I told Dad to make the water super cold for you too😆

Sarge: It's #BoxerBathSunday and I hate it! Who else has to get a bath today?

Tag your bath pics with #BoxerBathSunday so we can see them!

Sarge: How dare you sleep in Mom! and let Dad get up with us. And let him close the door so you can sleep in peace!!!#YouNeverLockSargeOut

Ava: I tried Mom, I really did but he's just such a baby!! Me on the other hand, I use my master manipulation skills on Dad and he's already given me 3 treats and soaked my breakfast in chicken broth! #AvaForTheWin

Ava: In my almost 9 years, I've always had to be in a crate when Mom and Dad left because I have terrible separation anxiety. Lately they have been leaving us out of our crates for anywhere from 15-90 minutes and we've been doing great!

Sarge: That's because I calm you down Ava. Dad sneaks me extra treats for every time I stop you from partying (aka destroying the house)!

Sarge: I'm just going to go into this toilet closet because I have the hardest life ever.

Ava: I don't have anything to cry about #NubGoesCrazy *Turn volume up for full dramatic effect*

Ava: No pictures of my scar Mom! I'm self conscious.

Sarge: No pictures of my scar either Mom! I'm self conscious too!

Ava: OH MY GOD!! How many times do I have to tell you? You don't have a scar.

Mom: Thank you again to @archdaleanimalhospital & Dr. Matt! You did such a great job and it looks great. If anyone lives in the Charlotte area, they are definitely the best vets around!

Ava: We got a new rug for our family room! It's so soft but Mom keeps asking which one of us is going to throw up on it first🤔

Sarge: Not me! I'm too busy watching the front door for the UPS man so I can bark as loud as possible and scare him.

Mom: Yesterday we got home and the UPS man was in the driveway when Sarge got out of the car. He couldn't run fast enough to get into the garage and hide😂

Ava: The boys are hiding from the storm in their "tent". This is the shit I deal with every day. Now you all know why I hate it when Mom leaves me alone with the 2 of them.🙄

Sarge: Mom bought this new rug just for me. It's thundering so I'm claiming it as my safe place.

Ava: Mom why did you have to get me a little brother that is such a baby?😒 #CanWeStillReturnHim?

Sarge: I'm not a baby! I just have sensitive ears.

Ava: Look Mom I'm dressed! Which means I HAVE to go to my Great Grandmas birthday lunch. I can't be all dressed up with nowhere to go.

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