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Ava & Sarge LJ  We're just 2 boxers living the dream life in Charlotte & love to share our adventures with you!❤


Ava: Swipe left to see why I want to give Sarge up for adoption. He can’t even participate for a single picture and abuses me! #MomHeKickedMe

Sarge: You were on my leg and hurting me! I’m sensitive.

Ava: Mom! Mom! He’s not listening and laying on top of the couch cushions! I really think it’s time we give him up for adoption. He’s ruining the couch.

Sarge: I’m just showing you we don’t need a new couch. I’ve already broken this couch in so it’s perfect! And what’s adoption??

Sarge: We got our @barkbox this month and it’s a spooky one! There is a Count Vacuula and Rain of Terror. I’m so scared!

Ava: I’m still sleeping. Can’t we open this later??

Sarge: We’re so mad at the crappy account “boxer.shirts” who keeps stealing our videos! So I’m going to tell them what’s up and yell at them until they stop.

Ava: Then why are you yelling at me?? I didn’t do it!

Mom: They’ll probably steal this video too even when they are blocked🙄

Ava: Mom & Dad went out to dinner and told us if we didn’t behave they were going to send us to live with the mean people stealing all of our videos and posting them as their own! I know they would never do that (to me at least, they might send Sarge away😜) but I behaved anyways.

Sarge: Friends please unfollow and report this account @boxer.shirts! They have stolen our videos and are claiming them as their own. Soooo rude! Looks like all the videos are stolen so please check the account to make sure they aren’t yours! Feel free to leave a little boxer sass comment too while you’re at it😜

Ava: We need your help friends! What watermark apps do you use and love for your pictures?

Sarge: Why do people have to be copycats?!? I know we’re cute but please do not make your ENTIRE account videos of us🙄 #NotNamingNames #ButWeWillIfWeHaveTo

Sarge: What do you mean “I’m not a person” so I can’t come pick out new furniture with you? I need to approve any new couches that get brought into this house. My comfort should be the most important part of your choice. Ugh parents who think they can leave me out!

Sarge: The verdict is in!! Swipe left to see who took the bone off the table!

Ava: Those damn cameras.

Sarge: In this Friday’s #TalksWithSarge I’m trying to convince Mom I DID NOT get the bone off the table while her and Dad were out to dinner. Apparently there is picture evidence but first we want to hear who you think did it!

Ava: Can’t you see I’m trying to nap?? But just so everyone knows, it was definitely NOT me.

Sarge: I’m working on my smiles. I’m going to call this one “Is that a treat up there?”. What do you guys think?

Ava: It was DEFINITELY Sarge. Look at him hiding behind me.

Sarge: I’m hiding because I have absolutely nothing to do with the trash on that floor!

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