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Michael Brown  There's no such thing as an adult, just bigger kids with bigger responsibilities.

Ava’s feeling SUPER as Iron Ma’am tonight. Come join her at Black Cat Tavern at 10pm tonight!

I don’t WANT an Oscar. I AM the Oscar.

She was “Like A Virgin” again (with the help of a cucumber and “All Fired Up” about channeling her inner Pat Benatar tonight

She’s in a hoodie ‘cause her Haus is 59°, but she’s ready for Bob & Barbara’s tonight. Thanks Auntie @tommy_mcnamee for making her blonde! 🥰

Had a blast tonight at Papa @bryce_culver_dragking’s comedy drag show — worked out with a shake weight, tapped my troubles away, sang a love song to my first love (McDonald’s), and concluded my night with a beer and a Big Mac.

Happy Christmahanakwanzika from Ava’s Haus to yours. Hope everyone had as exciting a holiday as she did 🥳 cheers! 😘

Had an amazing night at the Senator’s Cabinet, surrounded by friends and family. Great way to start my Thanksgiving week festivities! Can’t wait for the next one.

WERKing tonight and working tomorrow (6am). Either way, she’s ready for Black Cat Tavern tonight with Miss Lisa Lisa! If you’re in South Philly, come have a drink with her! 💋

She’s ready for a heist. Everyone hold on to your burgers. Notorious Hamburglar Ava Gina is ready to steal your meat and buns at Bob & Barbara’s! 🍔🍟💋

She’s ready and headed to Bob & Barbara’s. Come hangout with Ava and say a group prayer that she survives work at 6:30am tomorrow 💋

My favorite people smiling with their eyes 🥰

For being an average age of twenty nine and a half, this might be the most attractive picture we’ve taken in 10 years hashtagnofilter

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