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AV  🇹🇹 Trinidad Pro Mua I stand on the promise of serving BEAUTY to My clients in each and every Makeup execution.💄868 289 1144 #TheAVApproach

Don’t Confuse Activity with God for Intimacy with God! DRESSED IN @sherockstt @jeansworldtt @thewigspecialist @teionsealey

Be that friend that never encourages a situation that can bring about bitterness in the heart of someone. #blessedarethepeacemakersfortheyshallbecalledthechildrenofgod
DRESSED IN @sherockstt @jeansworldtt @thewigspecialist @teionsealey

Sometimes i like a little pop!!! 😍

When the wind competes with your swag😂😂🤣😂😂🤣

Everyday doesn't Feel great But that doesn't mean you Can't REJECT that feeling! DRESSED IN @sherockstt @jeansworldtt @thewigspecialist @teionsealey

***ENROLL NOW*** If you desire to pursue a career in makeup artistry or simply wish to perfect the art of beauty for your own face, #SIGNUPfor AV’s Basic or Advance workshops!
Come and learn the most comprehensive breakdown of all my tips, tricks and techniques whilst I dissect my most popular looks in an environment that's conducive for learning.
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Phone: (868) 289-1144
Email: avfbridalcompany@gmail.com

#familytime❤️ Cousin's Bday Party #Mai Mai

The times I don’t give in to my feelings are the times I receive the most out of that experience 💯 DRESSED IN @sherockstt @jeansworldtt @thewigspecialist

A daily prayer for many of us is "Lord use me".... We then love to say Lord I don't feel like I'm being used by you!
What about that neighbour who is struggling to feed her kids while you are throwing food away. That situation was highlighted to you by God because he wanted to use you to help!
What about that child who has the ability to become anything she wants to be but her parents don’t have the finances to purchase school books for her. God highlighted that situation to you because you are in a position to be a blessing to her, yet you ignore that opportunity to be used by God.
There are so many opportunities for us to be a blessing to others and represent our father in heaven in a tangible way. He wants us to have a heart like his, He wants a people who can not only sympathize with people but empathize... Having empathy actually makes you feel what that person is going through and act on Jesus' behalf.... THAT'S BEING USED BY GOD!
We want a bigger assignment, that's not big enough or important enough, Not enough people will hear about what you did.
When you become a blessing to others, your life can NEVER be the same again.
If you understand God's heart, you will suddenly begin to see all the people around you that God wants to use you to bless in the way he knows you can.

Whatever you yield to, you become controlled by! #YieldingToTheHolySpirit DRESSED IN @sherockstt @jeansworldtt @thewigspecialist

Nothing can penetrate the blood of Jesus so get under #TheBlood DRESSED IN @sherockstt @jeansworldtt @thewigspecialist

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