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AUTUMN 〰Make Moves  Write your own rules (and floor plans, and dreams) @makemovesvintage @studiobicyclette *Contributor to Apartment Therapy hello@autumnhachey.com

Hi, I'm Autumn and this purse is my spirit animal. Actually- all the bags from @cab_collection really are, but this one just makes my heart sing! My birthday is coming folks- it's on the wish list! 🍋🍋🍋🍋

Having my own studio space has already proven to be so rewarding. Last November I bought an incredible circa 1870s walnut credenza from a flea market. (See it in my stories!) I didn't know where I was going to put it- but I handed over my money anyways and asked the shop owner to hold onto it for me until I could figure it out. This credenza is meaningful because it's actually the reason I even looked for commercial/studio space. I needed somewhere to both store it and refinish it. It was the first thing in this studio- sitting quietly alone waiting to be fixed up. Now- after many hours stripping, sanding, and painting- it will be a major memory in #ourbadassmainfloor living room- serving up memories from the early beginnings of the make moves studio- and the first big piece of furniture I refinish with my Mom. I've got the first coat of fresh white on the doors and I'm smitten. ❤️🤗 #makemovesstudio

Floral headboard FTW. 🌸🌼Very in love with this fresh floral headboard found on @reserve_home. In this case, Urban Outfitters New York used flowers to create a beautiful headboard above Mallory's bed for a photo shoot, then left them up for her enjoyment. Using flowers that dry nicely makes this a DIY project that can stay up for months — and seriously, how dang cute is it? For more fresh Spring feeling ideas, tap the link in my bio to read my latest article for @apartmenttherapy.

Try every style so you can make up your own. ✨ (this includes galaxy pants and spiked shoes) #makemoves #happyfriday #ootd

Sharing a little personal update on everything I've been up to-live on the blog! From coming up with a name, to being permanently covered in paint, to meeting sketchy people at night to buy paintings.. it's been quite the rollercoaster so far.. and I am just getting started. By the way WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY OFFICIAL LOGO!?????? #makemovesvintage #makemoves

A tiny bit overwhelmed.. but trying to take it one piece + one day at a time. But for now, time for a quick coffee break to get over this hump and get back to work. #hustle

BZZZZZZZZ. ⚡️⚡️Sending ya'll some energizing MONDAY vibes! I am obsessed with intricate vintage mantels, like this one from @kate.lavie. I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect #makemovesstudio mantel, and this is giving me some major inspo. Also in love with mantels? Sweet, I'm sharing a few of my favs on the blog. @thetiffanypratt, @livingbylo & @chritinedovey I'm looking at you!

All-day-every-day-beret. 👩🏼‍🎨

I think I got just as much paint on my face that I did the walls! Finagled my brother into helping out today- first coat on the ceiling done! So exciting seeing this little space transform before my eyes. I've DREAMED of having exposed brick in my apartment but I think I have the best of both worlds now. It's crazy what is possible when you put your mind to it! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Also its wild what is possible when you bribe family members with coffee and pop..... lol 😂 #makemovesstudio (PS- Expect a full product rundown on the blog if you've ever also dreamed of bright white bricks!)

Not every day is going to be perfect. Some days you might forget your charger at your house in Toronto and your Monday morning might be a rocky start. But, it’s about pivoting, problem solving, and being the badass that you are. Love this quote from a book I’m currently reading called “You are a Badass” by @jensincero. (Also, how damn cute are these lil illustrations… my branding is complete and I’m piecing it all together.. let’s just say there’s also going to be @makemovesvintage totes and sweaters… eek! Leave me a comment below if you might want one and maybe your wish will come true 😜😜😜😘😘😘😘😘) #makemoves #makemovesvintage #makemovesmonday

I'd say we put a pretty good dent into the studio this weekend. I'm working from home (literally) this week so I can finish all the painting. Major thanks to my Louther crew (and mama bear) for helping me tear down walls and get these bricks painted! After we're done painting the bricks, new drywall is going up- a coat of pink (of course).. and we are going to try our hand at an arch doorway. We are using concrete stain for the brick and so far it's been working really well! Anybody else working on any big DIY projects? #makemovesstudio

SPRING SPRING SPRING. I'm dying of excitement. I have so many reno projects on the go- my green S sectional (are you excited to find out which swatch I am going with?? I might not be popular among my followers..heheh.).. I am also working on a custom chair project for Make Moves, planning my shop demo, trim is going up in the bedroom.... but now that my deck is snow-less... I'm kiinnnda wanting to get that ball rolling ASAP. I'm already making moodboards for that too (of course I am lol). EEK! What projects do you have on the go? (Img @ariellevey)

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