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“Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself.” ☕️ ⛺️ ☀️ — Henry David Thoreau

All my favorite little ones ✨❤️☀️

This is how we summer. ⛺️💛
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Camping Jalama, through the night winds, under a sky of fire...
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Leaning into my current read...

In honor of my 20-year high school reunion tonight... 😱🙌🏻🍷💕💕
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End of camp week. I love these two souls with every single piece of my heart. Dash = rock band camp where he made his own one-string guitar with the help of an incredible teacher. Finn = art camp, where he knit his own “knight belt” and woodworked an amazing shield (note his design using the four elements - this kid is so freakin cool!!) I LOVE watching these two boys grow and expand into the world around them - what a gift they have been to me and what a gift they are to the world. Thank you, God Universe Spirit for sending them to me. 💖🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💕

Outdoor theatre is at the top of my list of summer pleasures!!! “Annie” at the @hollywoodbowl did not disappoint, especially when experienced with the dearest of friends. And we maybe sang along with all of the songs and drank all of the rosé and loved all of the life. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤗 #notreallyasingalong #joy #jazzhands #bestiesforlife

I was feeling red hot at the @hallmarkchannel summer TCAs this week and I had such a lovely time with all the sweet people I reconnected with there! Thanks to @deanroybal and @cschellenger for the glam, @yumikim for the dress + @tamaramellon for the shoes, (even though I went barefoot for 80% of the evening after I found out it was outdoors on the grass!!! Heaven :) #HallmarkTCAs #summerparty

This sweet little mug from @bornonsunsetceramics is making me so happy this morning!! (And the lovely hot beverage inside it is an added bonus 😉☕️)

1. I like this photo my cousin @kailajo took of me in Costa Rica last week. I look relaxed.
2. This photo does not accurately represent today, but I wish it did, so I’m currently pretending I’m back there right now. Ahhhhhh... 🌴
3. My day involved my catalytic convertor being stolen out from under my ancient Prius FOR THE 2nd TIME in a year, my fighting kids, full-time momming, urgent career deadlines, some extreme LA heat, and okay Mercury retrograde, I get it, you’re on your way, I always feel you early and I’m taking your lesson!
4. The lesson is that it’s okay to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. The next-level-up lesson is that we always have the power to CHOOSE how that fire energy gets released into the environment around us. Let’s channel it into focused and deliberate actions and not let it blow up on the people around us (usually our nearest and dearest, ammiright?). My BIG takeaway lately has been all about Solving The Problem At Hand, without letting emotions or fears run the show.
5.. Hey, you know what’s really great timing? Oprah & Deepak’s free 21-day meditation course. Could not have come at a better time and I’m seriously considering becoming a meditation teacher because I believe in the power of this practice so deeply. I’m gonna put the link in my bio.
6. I appreciate you all and please let me know if any of this is resonating with you, too!! We got this!!

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