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Ever wondered how does James Bond get such women? Well, this is what his cars look like.
#AstonMartin #Virage #Volante #V12 #Kolkata #AstonMartinLive

Here it is! The Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII launched today in Chennai at a price tag of ₹9.5cr that can stretch to a whopping ₹11.35cr ex showroom with all the bells and whistles. 🤪
Redefining the pinnacle of luxury, this one is the most expensive car on sale in the country at the moment. So much want! 😍

#RollsRoyce #Phantom #VIII #Chennai via @hanmust

#ThiccThursday - What’s the difference between Kim K and the McLaren 720S?
The McLaren’s ass isn’t it’s selling point. 😜
#McLaren #720S #McLaren720S #V8 #RSMSpec #720xs #Bengaluru #ShotoniPhone

Big black British barge ballin’!
#TooMuchAlliteration #Bentley #CFS #W12 #Chandigarh via @nikhil_moudgil
PS : I guess the veterans on the Indian supercar scene will recognise this car well!

You saw it in pictures.
You saw the specs.
You saw the jokes around the name.
And you saw the pictures being pulled down.
Now watch the Ferrari 488 Pista in action along with the 488 racecars. Plug in your headphones, turn up the volume and just listen to these things! Therapy! 💆‍♀️ #Ferrari #488Pista #Ferrari488Pista #Pista #V8

👽 The common belief about aliens goes like they are creatures who are more capable and potent than humans. Going by that logic, it is pretty fitting that the 720S looks like an alien. An alien of the supercar world perhaps?
PS : Don’t miss the mad aero on this car. Check out the left side periphery of the car near the wing mirrors. You can see the ground through it!
#McLaren #720S #RSMSpec #720xs #V8 #McLaren720S #Bengaluru #ShotoniPhone

Numbers in a nutshell -
720 hp
1280 kgs dry
0-100 in 2.85 seconds
S Duct from F1
Aero tech from the 488 GTE
Racecar derived exhaust system
Stripped down interior
___________________________________________________ Since Instagram didn’t pull down this image from the page, let’s repost it 😂 But this time around with some substantial numbers from the private preview of the car.
As the name suggests, the powertrain is straight from the Ferrari 488 Challenge and makes about 711hp which helps it go from 0-100 in 2.85 seconds! ___________________________________________________

This coupled with extensive weight saving in the form of carbon fibre bonnet, front and rear bumpers and stripped down interior bringing the weight down to 1280kg, 90kgs down on the 488GTB, this should be a beast around the track!
And Ferrari being Ferrari, they have left no stone unturned on the aerodynamics department with a S Duct straight from the F1 cars adapted for road use along with a bunch of aero updates derived from the 488 GTE to keep the car gripping like a gecko. To top it all off, in line with their philosophy of keeping the emotional quotient high, they picked up the exhaust system from the 488 racecar and plonked it in here!

#Ferrari #488Pista #Ferrari488 #Pista #Ferrari488Pista #V8 #specs

Any Range Rover fans here? Found the second of the five Range Rover Autobiography by SVO Bespoke which JLR have allotted for India. The first one being in Ahmedabad we posted a while back, here’s one from Hyderabad in black (duh!) sitting on a rather cool set of wheels! For those wondering, these things cost north of ₹3cr on road!
#RangeRover #Autobiography #SVO #Bespoke #Hyderabad

Check latest post for specs!
So this is it! Ferrari calls it the Ferrari 488 Pista. No Verzione Speciale, Speciale or GTO. Pista it is. Leaked a little before the private preview for the owners later today, there is no official word on the specs yet apart from the 721hp figure. But what’s definite is that this will be one mental track focussed car. Hence the name Pista which means track in Italian! No guys, it isn’t named after pistachios 😂

#Ferrari #488Pista #488 #V8

Shot on iPhone, posting it as it is. Without any editing or retouches whatsoever apart from the watermarks.
I happened to see the car only last evening, hours before it leaves for Dubai, in the six months it spent in Bangalore. The car itself pales any other supercar on the market in terms of sheer looks and presence. This is something you need to see in flesh to get a taste of what it actually is. Pictures cannot ever do justice to this one!
#McLaren #720S #RSMSpec #720xs #McLaren720S #V8 #ShotOniPhone #apple #Bengaluru

When the country’s richest roll, it shows. The Ambani family’s Bentley Bentayga finished in a rather quirky shade of Light Emerald Green.
#Bentley #Bentayga #W12 #Mumbai

@koenigseggautomotive proving the might of their cars through various extensive crash testing facilities.
Is this oddly satisfying ?

#koenigsegg #Regera #Agera #CrashTesting #AAOverseas

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