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Autism Speaks  Autism Speaks is enhancing lives today and accelerating a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.

"This is Karson D!! He is turning 4 in July, and he has nonverbal autism. His doctor told me he wouldn’t talk and if he did it would all be babble. As of this year he says the following: mama, dada, paw paw, egg, angry bird, dog, pizza, box, nana, chip, cereal, cup, uncle, and so much more!! He’s defying all the odds, and starting K4 school this year. Big things are in store this year. This is hope to all the moms of nonverbal kids: keep teaching them, and they’ll end up teaching you more!" ~ @rach.danielle 💙 #LightItUpBlue #AutismAwareness

“You forget about autism struggles when you can capture moments like this. This is my nonverbal 21-year-old brother, Aymen. I can’t imagine my life far from my king brother who is teaching me everyday about gratitude, patience and how to be caring! I really feel that I’m very lucky to have him in my life. He has opened my eyes to many things.” ~ @itiar85 #AutismAwareness #LightItUpBlue

'This is Sophia, she is 5 years old and Evie, she is 3 years old. They are both on the autism spectrum and absolutely amazing!! Sophia has a big thing for numbers and phonics and Evie loves all animals. She enjoys animal documentaries, especially ones about lions. I am very proud of both of them!" ~@shelleyspencer12 💙 #AutismAwareness #AutismSiblings #LightItUpBlue

"Meet Ethan, he was diagnosed with autism. I know I was lost at the beginning but I have learned that I am living this beautiful journey along side my child. He will be 6 in April. Despite his very little verbal communication he can definitely bright up your day without saying a word. He has an amazing memory and is fascinated with Sonic the Hedgehog-before it was “kachows” & McQueens for 4 years. We love our boy and will stand next to him every step of the way." ~@ethans_adventures 💙 #LightItUpBlue #AutismAwareness

"Wyatt will be 5 in a few weeks, and getting ready for Kindergarten at The Autism Success Academy. He works for hours on end every single day to overcome his struggles. The strength he shows, and the love he shares makes him a true WONDER. #ChangingTheWayPeopleSee #AutismAwareness" ~ @karly.kurls 💙 #LightItUpBlue

@tyla_r_steele's tattoo for her nonverbal son on the autism spectrum, Kalven is beautiful 💙 #AutismAwareness #LightItUpBlue

"My son is 7 years old diagnosed with Autism PDD NOS at 18 months old. He started to talk around 3 years old. He loves to model and he is an honor roll student. When he grows up he want to be a doctor and scientist." ~ @camylisiouzz #AutismAwareness #LightItUpBlue #ProudMom

"My @YMCA in Athens, Georgia received an Autism Speaks grant for the adapted swim lessons. If it wasn’t for this grant she wouldn’t be learning to swim. Because of this grant she now allows me to wet her hair. She likes warm water now. She will go under water now. She can’t wait to get onto the ten feet of water. Then my heart just dropped today when my baby was #swimming!" ~Misty #LightItUpBlue

"This is Ethan. Before this photo was taken, I let myself into Ethan's world and followed his lead. This was his thank you. Ethan couldn’t hug me hard enough. His expression of #love was overwhelming." ~ @callumf 💙 #LightItUpBlue

"I walk for my son & all those with #Autism" 💙 ~ @es.t90 #LightItUpBlue #AutismAwareness @autismspeakspb

"This is my son, Emmett Enriquez. He’s a sweet 4 year old who was recently diagnosed as High functioning Autistic. He’s bright, loving and so affectionate. He has a great memory and is fascinated with numbers, shapes & colors! He chats up anyone he comes in contact with and will instantly brighten your day! He’s our ray of sunshine!" ~ @val_e05 💙 #AutismAwareness

We’re 1 month away! April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day! Will you wear blue?

#LightItUpBlue for understanding and acceptance! Link in our bio.

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