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Young Adult Author  👑Native American Author who writes diverse stories ✒Writing for the kids who need an escape 👀 My life in pics 📚 Book News Here 👑 ⤵️

Word in the street is that after my next book comes out (the next few months, no release date yet) Dream Catcher is getting a makeover 😉 New edits, an alternate ending, and a new cover! But shhhhhh you didn’t hear it from me. 🤫

Why I write. There are stories that I just NEED to get out of my head. The only way to do that is to write them down 🖋 Sharing them with the world is a bonus. 😉

There’s a new blog post up on my site on ways readers can support their favorite authors! Now back to writing. I’m working on a chapter a day, so hopefully in 30 days I’ll be done with the first draft! Wish me luck 🖋

Getting some seriously mysterious vibes from my WIP. 🔍🤔🧐 • What is your favorite Mysterious book? 📖

Working on sorting out my schedule today so I have time for everything. Write, go to school, workout, be a mom. Life is so busy with such little time to do everything 🤔

As a writer I want my stories to challenge everything my readers think they know. 🖊

Im back!!!!!!! So many people have been wondering where I’ve been or I’m going to release any new books 🤔 check out the link my bio to find out! ❤️

The new year is here and 2018 is going to be epic 🤙

Can't wait to start this gem I picked up from @kerrimaniscalco! I can already tell this is going to be my newest series addiction. She just announced the newest historical figure that her next book will center around on her Insta and I'm already in love! Check it out 😉

Make it a good one ❤📚✒

Next to holding my book in my hands, I'd have to say seeing my book on the shelf at libraries and book stores is the second best feeling ever. ❤📚

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