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Authoritative Figures  To be served & report All about craft beer & local breweries

Gooooood morning craft beer drinkers! Wait, maybe it isn’t the morning as you read this. In that case, good day craft beer drinkers! We are Authoritative Figures! Who? Authoritative Figures; AF; lovers of craft beer and small-town breweries.

We love to visit small breweries, taking in everything that these amazing places have to offer. From beer, food and merchandise to atmosphere, amenities and extra-curriculars, we take it all in.

We will post our feedback after visiting breweries and provide ‘grades/ranks’ (aka our, take-it-as-you-wish, opinion) on several categories. What are the categories and what are the grades? Excellent questions. We suggest you read on to find out. Don’t worry, we know you are thirsty now thinking about delicious craft beers, so we won’t drag this on too much longer.

FOOD: at Authoritative Figures we love to eat. Let us taste test the foods for you and make some valuable suggestions
BEER: Oh darn, we have to sample beer – twist our arms. Ok, fine. We will do it for the sake of the greater good
ATMOSPHERE: Does the brewery make you feel warm and cozy? Is that rustic beam, up-scale bar stool or outdoor patio what makes the brewery a place to see? We will let you know.
EXTRA-CURRICULARS: Do you ever have those awkward moments when you are staring across the table at your brewery battery mate, not saying anything at all? Then you think, ‘golly, I sure wish there was something to entertain us. If there is live music, games, brewery tours and more, we will be sure to inform you.
OVERALL: Hmmm, do we need to explain the overall category?

GRADES (Ranks)* 1. Chief: top-notch! It doesn’t get any higher than this.
2. Superintendent: near excellence! A rank away from being top cheese.
3. Sergeant: legitimate! Some real-deal quality.
4. Corporal: on the verge! Around the corner from greatness.
5. Constable: potential! Some steps in the right direction.
_ *Remember, these are only the opinions of the highly qualified (we actually have no qualification) self-anointed experts at Authoritative Figures.

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