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Author H. N. Smith  Author • Fiction •❤️ TX • Join me on my novel writing journey 📖 • "Writing is its own reward" • EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN available now! authorhnsmith.com

So Everything in Between was featured in a book club and I’m happy dancing all over the place. 💃🕺 Once they send their questions, I’ll try to get the Q&A posted to the website! Now it’s time to celebrate. 🙌😃 If you’ve read the book, post a photo and tag me! I’d love to see it!!

Do you journal? Because I’ve tried and it lasts for about one day. 😂

“Books don’t just go with you, they take you where you’ve never been.” 💙📚

What a flashback it’s been re-reading this series after so many years! I don’t remember a single detail in them so it’s like reading a new book. Kinda cool! 🤓

Last summer we went to New York for the first time and I gotta say...I’m a fan! Maybe one of my next books should be based here! 🧐😏 Pictured: Coney Island

Can’t believe Everything in Between has been LIVE for almost two months!😮 It’s a coming of age novel available on Amazon. ✨
// S Y N O P S I S \\ “Eli Anderson loves his family's ranch. The only problem is his family. When his alcoholic father finally takes things too far, he thinks his only choice is to run away from his small town. And when he ends up on the Texas border in a town called Del Valle, his luck finally starts to turn. The day he meets Carina, everything changes. She lets him believe, for a moment, that everything might be okay. But his demons are always waiting around the next corner, ready to remind him of the life he left behind. As he finds new love and freedom, he also finds that overcoming his past is no easy task.”

Tonight is for relaxing with hubs and trying not to eat everything in the house.✌️😄✨ Hope y’all have a good weekend!

Hi bookish friends! 👋
Here are some facts about me.
- number one food: definitely pizza (pizza is life)
- favorite time to read: morning
- favorite time to write: midday - currently watching: Indiana Jones 📺⚱️(no whip emojis 😂) - currently reading: Scott Westerfeld (flashback all day) - TV shows that make me laugh: New Girl, Frasier, Friends & there are more but I’m tired. 😄
- random hobby: Guitar! So fun. 🎶🎵🎶

Book number two is about to come back from my betareaders and I’m looking forward to the feedback. 😃 Then on to edits, edits, and more edits! 😄
Happy Tuesday! 💙

I’ll take my daily serving of books with a side of tea and sunshine. Thank you. 😌✨☀️

How do you keep track of your ideas? I can’t keep track of everything in my head! I have to immediately write it down, whether it be in my phone/computer or in one of my notebooks. I just keep brainstorming and hope something might stick. ✨✨🤓

Putting my stamp of approval on a productive week.😉 #nofilter #amwriting
The R is backwards but who cares it’s Friday! 🤣

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