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Vindication & Authenticity  (Auth-en-tic-nicks ) 🇹🇭🇮🇳🇯🇵🇨🇳🇬🇧🇺🇸 ✨Am I a believer ? Well wait till the 25th and see ...I’m 17 Deep how bomb I’d look if I did it for you

One take 🙄& broken 📱 🙄, just had to get this 🌞celfie post up before moment was lost and yes I lost my coo w the fact I couldn’t retake this / made sure my phone didn’t break but ay it was a good day all in all ✨

When these boys have their pockets w a bit of P’s, then they wanna come act like they're billionaires (was really wanting to cut deep on guys but they’ve been acting right w me so just accept this caption)

Early 🐦 as usual but slept the pains till six n resumed the day , and did the little things like binge watching all series from Atlanta - Ackley Bridge - Eastenders - Love Island 🌴 🇺🇸- TPL till I’m upto date and it’s five days till I live to my culture... and early morning start to repair shop again 🙄kmt ✨

From a day or two ago pic and from today or tomorrow as you shall see this post I downloaded an app to see what my baby would look like (I don’t want children but on God I’m a pro when I’m around them ) blessing to be around my niece who can swim better than me 😕😭 but Ik it’s just an app but atleast I’m grateful that my child in the swipe carried the eye color I never got from pops but welcome 🙏... okay I’m sleeping now ✨

Comfy on my ones , in my skin , and being on my way but out of my comfort zone w the long ques , getting almost caught up in a lie cause otp someone tells you to lie and meet via 🚊 =sweet escape,glad I returned early to be welcomed w cancelled to delayed train and back to priorities etc but the stranger things continue w no caller ID calls and my phone being real low but won’t drain out 😭 I’ve wrote this so many times when you read to know btw , this post was delayed to 🚂

Apologies about the necklines , May aswell just become a necklace, and don’t you just find tops where you have to re adjust them to show skin annoying like I specifically bought you to flash a bit of flesh but you’re not on job 🙄✨

Put the shade down ✨again I must be the selfish one for wanting the photo and after the second photo my photographer was calling quits , pree the before post and I think I’d do the same to 😅✨

Nothing is more softer / more 💪ible than 🚿 yet nothing can resist it ✨

Just thankful that my skin isn’t as inflamed as it was in the past and this is just the suns reminder in filter . Couldn’t choose so it’s all or nothing 💯✨

I’d donate you if I could 🙂but instead I’m gonna pop some tags 🙃without the makeup I’m getting that suntour ✨

The last one is , I look up-to you , I’m only looking down to help nothing more nothing less ✨

I can see you and me , living in a limelight fantasy ✨

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