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AUT STUDENT GYM  Your Gym. On Campus 🎓 ✖️Get fit 🏃‍♀️ ✖️Get strong 🏋️ ✖️Get healthy 🌿 ✖️Be awesome 🔥 📍AUT @autuni 📸 #autgym for 👍 to regram

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Just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the achievements of our amazing team @autgym ✨🙏 1️⃣ Chris for taking out an AUT Blue Award over the weekend. These awards are to honour students who compete beyond their studies at the top level in their chosen sport, art or culture, while maintaining high academic achievement. #getitboy 🔥

2️⃣ Phillipa and Dave have been nominated for the AUT excellence awards for their work on the never2old program. These two do amazing work. Every. Damn. Day. Whether they win at the ceremony on Thursday or not, they are 💯

3️⃣ Nadine for being accepted as a speaker at the NZ Ecological Conference for her work on Navigating the Complexity in Conservation. Such a great achievement for 18 months of hard work! Well done Nadine 🌿

#autgym #Ateam #soproudofthem

All you ladies put your roller like this. Work your body don't stop, don't quit! 🎧

Sore muscles? Who's tried a Stretch and Roll class? Sooo soo good for speeding up the healing and recovery process after a good workout. Check out our group exercise timetable #linkinbio

Sun Chaser ☀

Don't forget to put your clock forward one hour tonight ... if you have clocks to manually put forward 🤔🤷‍♀️⏰➡️ #daylightsavingstimegotmelike summer is on its way 😄✨🌞💛 #📸 @lamirse

REPOST: For some, it's about wanting to look good ... but for others, it's more than that 👊⠀

#📸 @jairusmainuuioane

Handstand challenge!!! The perfect mix of strength, grace, and control. Give it a go by a wall or if you're confident enough see how long you can hold unsupported.

Make sure to post a pic or story and tag us @autgym ... success or failures we love them all #giveitago #autgymchallenge

We're going to post up weekly challenges every Tuesday for you all, so get amongst and give it a try 🔥👌

@miss_rubez bringing the heat in our navy tank 🔥

Final hours with this dude 😭 what an exceptional guy 💯 Sad to see him leave but proud that he is moving on to pursue his passion 🏏

He has had the full @autuni experience - as an international student living at @akorangastudentvillage he came to study at the school of @autsportandrec He then did his IER @autgym and coop with our never2old programme. Obvi we hired him and he worked as a fitness instructor, PT and then supervisor. Now our little bird is about to spread his wings 🐣🦅 If you haven't had the chance to say goodbye please do, though I'm sure he won't be a stranger!

P.S sorry about your car 🙊 #notsorry @spencer_cramer

Best mates are literally EVERYTHING 👯Our Mates Rates special membership is on right now! Tag your #dayone to let them know! For more #linkinbio 👌

'Back' to it 😏 ... Get it? ... It's back day ... aaaaand we're back at AUT tomorrow ......
#📷 @zeusterae #illbeback

Just a casual afternoon at South Gym ... don't worry, I have no idea what's going on either! 😂🤣

Join the party 💃This Friday night 🔥#zumbapartyclass

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