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This pic of a juvenile Tasmsnian short-beaked echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus setosus) was captured by Daniel van Duinkerken @danielvandphoto. “The Tasmanian subspecies of these charismatic monotremes have thicker fur and are generally larger than mainland echidnas, due to the colder weather they have to endure,” says Daniel. “ It sure makes them look even cuter!” Thanks for sharing your pic with us Daniel! #wildlifephotography #australia #australianwildlife #echidna #monotreme #wildlifeofaustralia #shortbeakedechidna #tasmania #tasmanianechidna

These white-breasted woodswallows (Artamus leucorynchus) were captured by photographer Shelley Pearson @shelley_pearson_. Woodswallows are often seen lined up in long rows, huddled together to conserve body heat, and can be found across northern Australia, particularly in Queensland, but do extend down through central NSW into northern Victoria. Thanks for sharing your pic with us Shelley! #wildlifephotography #birdsofaustralia #birdsofinstagram #woodswallow #birdsofafeather #australia #australianbirds #australianbirdsofinstagram

This pic of a Western pygmy possum (Cercartetus concinnus) was captured by threatened species wildlife ecologist Tali Moyle @talimoyle. “Western pygmy possums are just incredibly cute!! This is a flash back to trapping a few years ago in South Australia,” says Tali. “These little guys go into torpor when the weather gets cold to enable them to conserve energy and resources. Often when getting them out of pits they would have their ears folded over their eyes. They are nocturnal, sheltering in tree hollows, or nest or dense canopies during the day. Their tails are prehensile which they use to grip onto branches. Look at the coiled up tail. So cute!!” thanks for sharing your pic with us Tali! #australianwildlife #wildlife #westernpygmypossum #hellopossum #torpor #bigears #australia #possum #possumsofinstagram

This week’s reader photo of Otway stream, Victoria, was captured by photographer Kristian Bell. “Otway stream - an unheralded but nevertheless beautiful part of the Great Otway National Park,” says Kristian. “In full flow the spot this picture was taken from would be fully underwater.” Thanks for sharing your pic with us Kristian! To feature on our IG feed, head to our website and upload your reader photo, or tag #ausgeo! #landscapephotography #australianlandscape #otway #victoria #greatotwaynationalpark #australia #otwaystream #waterfalls #waterfallsofinstagram

Froggy Friday!!!! This little guy, a Heath Frog (Litoria littlejohni), was captured by ecologist Wise Lum @wildlife_wise. Also called Littlejohn’s tree frog, these frogs are found on the eastern coast of Australia from Wyong in NSW down to Buchan in Victoria, and are one of our least encountered species of frog. Thanks for sharing your pic with us Wise! #wildlifephotography #australia #australianfrogs #frogs #frogsofaustralia #gonefrogging #frogsofinstagram #amphibian

This stunning landscape shot of the Aurora Australis over Nile, Tasmania, was captured by photographer Cam Cope @camblakephotography. “A couple of nights ago headed out with @tassie_heights and to capture the Aurora Australis,” says Cam. “Full moon conditions weren't ideal but still got to see some action.” Thanks for sharing your pic with us Cam! #landscapephotography #australianlandscape #australia #auroraaustralis #tasmania #tassie #nile

This pic of a nankeen kestrel (Falco cenchroides) with a recent kill was captured by photographer Alex Kydd @alexkyddphoto. Also called an Australian kestrel they are one of the smaller falcon species, and unlike other falcons do not rely on speed to catch prey – preferring instead to perch in an exposed position, or hover over open grasslands. #wildlifephotography #nankeenkestrel #birdsofprey #australianbirds #australianbirdsofinstagram #australianbirdsofprey #kestrel #birdsofinstagram

This pic of an alpine dingo (‎Canis dingo) was captured by Michelle J @michelle_j_photography.
Beautiful Alpine dingo that calls Kosciuszko National Park home,” says Michelle. “I feel so privileged to have had this moment, spending quality time with this girl is just good for the soul.” Alpine dingos are usually larger than their desert counterparts, with the most obvious difference being their thick “double coat” which keeps them warm in their alpine habitat. #wildlifephotography #australia #australianwildlife #australia #dingo #alpine #alpinedingo

This week’s reader photo of a newly hatched Bynoe's gecko (Heteronotia binoei) was captured Sophie Cross @squamataout.“Bynoe's geckos are a relatively common species, often found under woody debris. This hatched hatchling was found in mid-west Western Australia, near Rothsay, during some field surveys for my PhD,” says Sophie. “Geckos have incredible eye colouring, and are always some of my favourite reptiles to find while out herping." #wildlifephotography #australia #australianwildlife #gecko #bynoesgecko #geckosofinstagram #australiangeckos #geckosofaustralia #thisiswa #herpetology

This pic of a northern leaf-tailed gecko (Saltuarius cornutus) was captured by photographer Igor Mikula @igormikulacom during a night walk around Lake Eacham in Crater Lakes National Park, Queensland.
This is the winning image from our Animal Portrait category for the 2018 Australian Geographic Nature photographer of the year competition. Congratulations Igor! To see the winners and runners-up from all the categories head to the website now! #wildlifephotography #northernleaftailedgecko #gecko #australianwildlife #australia #naturephotographeroftheyear @coralexpeditions @southaustralianmuseum @australianmuseum

This portrait of five little Gouldian finches (Erythrura gouldiae) was captured by Jan Wegener @jan_wegener_. “That moment when after a long wait suddenly dozens of these birds come in and all want to sit on your perch!” says Jan. “There were even more, which I cropped out for better composition - one of those moments I won’t forget for a while! Anyone ever notice that the black-heads have a slightly different chest colour?” Thanks for sharing it with us Jan! #wildlifephotography #birdsofaustralia #birdsofinstagram #pocketbirds #gouldianfinch #finchy #australia #birdonabranch

This image, titled “Resilience” was captured by Jordan Robbins @jordan_robins.
“From the day a sea turtle is born they are faced with immediate hardship. For every 1000 sea turtle hatchlings born only one will survive to make it to adulthood! Even as adults they still face the daily challenge of avoiding predation, avoiding entanglement in fishing nets and the unintentional consumption of discarded plastic floating in our oceans,” says Jordan. “This unfortunate Hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricate) has had a run in with a predator, most likely a shark, and as a result has been left with a major portion of its shell and limb missing. Much to my amazement the wounds had fully healed over and the turtle was swimming along, going about its daily life without a worry in the world.” Thanks for sharing your pic with us Jordan! #wildlifephotography #underwaterphotography #turtle #hawkesbill #hawkesbillturtle #australia #australiancoast

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