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This week’s reader photo of a common ringtail possum (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) was photographed in inner east Melbourne by Kristian Bell @kris_bell_nature_photography. Common ringtail possums get their name from their long prehensile tail, which you can see here hanging below the branches. They use their beautiful tails as a fifth limb, using them to carry twigs and sticks as they climb trees to build their nests or dreys. This species is the only Australian possum known to have the male help rear young - with the male often seen carrying the young on his back while his partner feeds. Thanks for sharing your pic with us Kristian! To feature on our IG feed, head to our website and upload your reader photo or tag #ausgeo! #wildlifephotography #urbanwildlife #melbourne #victoria #commonringtailpossum #hellopossums #possum

Why, what beautiful eyelashes you have! This northern spiny-tailed gecko (Strophurus ciliaris) was photographed by Damian Duffy @wildmanphoto. This species of gecko is found in the interior of Australia, and are generally a nocturnal species - but can sometimes be seen basking during the day. Thanks for sharing your pic with us Damian! #wildlifephotography #australia #gecko #spinytail #sunloving #geckosofaustralia #geckosofinstagram

This pic of a splendid fairy wren (Malurus splendens) was captured by photographer Adrian Bullock @adrianbullockphotography. This little one is possibly a male in eclipse or non-breeding plumage phase, where they no longer have their vivid hues of cobalt and violet blues. You can tell the difference between the males and females during this stage by the colour of the beak (males are black, whereas females are tan) and the slight wash of blue through the males brown wings. Thanks for sharing your pic with us Adrian! #wildlifephotography #pocketbirds #australia #australianbirds #splendidfairywren #birdlifeaustralia #australianbirdsofinstagram

This pic of the Mt Paris Dam in Branxholm, Tasmania, was captured by photographer Josh Davis @joshdavis23_. “Looking back a year ago when I spent a couple of days doing as much of Tasmania as I could with a couple of good mates at the start of June,” says Josh of his pic.. “When I first took this photo it was beyond bringing to life, but over the last year and everyday learning something new I figured out that no photo is ruined. Pretty happy with how this came out especially that it was one place that I really wanted to visit.” Thanks for tagging us Josh! #landscapephotography #australia #landscapesofaustralia #australianlandscape #tasmania #tassie

This super cute little guy (or girl?) is an eastern barred bandicoot (Perameles gunnii) and was photographed by Amie Hindson in Victoria. These small rabbit-sized marsupials are critically endangered, and conservation efforts for bandicoots in Victoria now depend upon the success of captive breeding and reintroduction programs. Since 1989, eight reintroduction sites have been established across the bandicoot's former range, with an estimated population size for the Victorian Eastern Barred bandicoot of only 150 individuals. Thanks for sharing your pic with us Amie! #wildlifephotography #barredbandicoot #bandicoot #criticallyendangered #australia #uniquelyaussie #australianwildlife #savethebandicoot

This week’s reader photo of a baby salt water crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) and his little buddy was captured by David White @Solar_whisper. Saltwater crocodiles are the largest of all living reptiles, with males growing to be above six metres long. They are opportunistic predators with most prey being ambushed, then drowned or swallowed whole. While green ants are not on the menu, baby crocs have been known to munch on other insects! To feature on our IG feed, head to our website and upload your reader photo or tag #ausgeo! #wildlifephotography #saltwatercrocodile #crocodile #greenant #babycroc #australia #australianwildlife

Froggy Friday!!!! This pic of a motorbike frog (Litoria moorei) was captured by Sophie Cross @squamataout. This species is found in the south-west of Western Australia, and their interesting name comes from their distinct call - which has two components - a rising series of tones (similar to a motorbike changing gears, giving them their common name), followed by a series of warbling growls. Thanks for sharing your pic with us Sophie! #wildlifephotography #frogsofinstagram #australianfrogs #frog #motorbikefrog #australia #froggyfriday

This pic of a giant spider crab (Leptomithrax gaimardii) was captured by Russell Charters @russellcharters at Blairgowrie Pier, in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria. “Every year these crabs come into the shallow waters of Port Phillip Bay by the thousands,” says Russell. “They stay for a few months until their shells have moulted and then move onto a different location until the next year. A pretty fantastic underwater migration!” Thanks for sharing your pic with us Russell! #australia #coast #underwaterphotography #australiaunderwater #portphillipbay #victoria #giantspidercrab

A red-necked pademelon (Thylogale thetis) enjoying the warming sun while grazing just outside the dense forest covers of Lamington National Park in Queensland. This pic was captured by Nicolas Rakotopare @Lerako. Camera specs: Canon EOS7DmkII - 300mm F/2.8 Thanks for sharing and tagging #ausgeo Nicolas! #wildlifephotography #australia #australianwildlife #pademelon #redneckedpademelon #lamingtonnationalpark #queensland

This image of Australia’s red heart was captured by photographer Ryan Fowler @ryanfowlerphotography. “This is my first image shared from Uluru and am incredibly happy with the result,” Says Ryan. “It was captured from the sunset lookout carpark and we were very lucky to have some high cloud hanging around to catch the pink light from the rising sun.” Thanks for sharing it with us, and for tagging #ausgeo Ryan! #landscapephotography #australianlandscape #uluru #sacredheart #monolith #redcentre #ulurukatatjutanationalpark #visitnt #ntaustralia

This weedy seadragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus) was captured by underwater photographer Gary Bell “ I never get tired of photographing Seadragons, they are so exquisite,” says Gary. “Australia has three endemic species, the Leafy Seadragon, the Weedy Seadragon and the recently discovered Ruby Seadragon found in southern Western Australia. There is also the Ribboned Seadragon found in north Western Australia, which is in fact a species of pipefish. Pictured is a Weedy Seadragon sheltering amongst seagrass off Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula.” Thanks for tagging #ausgeo Gary! #wildlifephotography #underwaterphotography #australia #australiancoast #underwateraustralia #weedyseadragon #dragon #worldoceansday

This portrait of a long-tailed pygmy possum (Cercartetus caudatus) was captured by Lachlan Gilding @lachlan_gilding_photography. These tiny possums grow to be about 10cm long and are found in the rainforests of northern Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea. “How could you not love that face,” says Lachlan. “We found this Long-tailed Pygmy Possum perched low in a small shrub beside the track whilst spotlighting for Geckos last night, lucky for us he was more than happy to hang out for a photo!” thanks for sharing your pic with us Lachlan! #wildlifephotography #australia #australianwildlife #pygmy #longtailedpygmypossum #hellopossums #marsupial #alittlebitofcuteness

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