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The Australian Ceramics Assoc.  COME JOIN! COME SUBSCRIBE! connecting promoting engaging AUSTRALIAN STUDIO CERAMICS journal + directory + open studios + insurance + exhibitions.

Studio Zona, TAS | #Repost @studio_zona
Heat-retaining tile stove workshop at Studio Zona in Glen Huon, Tasmania, from 6-10 April 2018.
Hungarian master craftsman Peter Korompai is giving a hands-on workshop on heat-retaining tile stove building based on European traditions. Extreme cold conditions in Scandinavia and Central Europe contributed to the development of highly efficient heating system an example of which is the heat-retaining tile stove.
Inventions of new ceramic and refractory materials and construction methods have made these stoves highly efficient, burning a minimal amount of firewood, and storing the heat for an extended period of time. As aesthetic objects, heat-retaining tile stoves can be designed to suit any style, taste, or home. Moreover, they seamlessly fall in line with broader concerns of ‘eco’ building and a more sustainable life style. In five days, the participants will be introduced to the design principles of stove building compliant with current building regulations, and gain knowledge of materials, and construction methods. Also, they will produce their own ceramic tiles, and take part in the hands-on construction of a heat-retaining tile stove. Further content in the workshop will include discussions on the stove’s history, efficiency, building standards and other issues, not to mention Studio Zona’s famous lunches and fruit cakes. The workshop will suit designers, architects, alternative builders, students, home builders and anyone who is generally concerned with highly efficient and sustainable heating systems.
Limited number of places are available. For further details contact Zsolt Faludi // Zsolt.Faludi@utas.edu.au// and please visit Peter’s website www.korompaipeter.com #australianceramics #tasmanianceramics #zsoltfaludi #tilestoves #tileworkshop #ecoworkshop #heatretaining #huonvalley #peterkorompai

Scott Duncan, NSW | #Repost @ol_slamzee
Just installed this milk bar monument at 541 Art Space for Clay Date @kil.n.it group show for @artmonthsydney
Show opens Friday 6pm. See you there! 🎉🍻🥂🎉🍻🥂
#ceramics #australianceramics #milkbar #artmonthsydney #artmonthsydney2018 #541 #claydate #milbarmonument

8 APRIL 2018
10am - 4pm ================
Our April issue will be hitting letterboxes around the country, so join us to celebrate its publication!

11am – 12noon
Galleries, pricing, online & exhibiting and more! We have asked a few people involved in the business of ceramics to come along for this discussion.

Greg Piper, photographer extraordinaire and contributor to The Journal of Australian Ceramics, 57/1, will give short chat about how he approaches his craft, then we will open up for all those questions you have about light, focus and colour in your own shots.

Enjoy a cuppa and fresh scones served with Ursula's homemade cumquat jam.

Bring along a piece of ceramic work (yours, someone else's, a success or a failure) for a discussion about the qualities we seek in the pots we make, love and buy. We will have a few recognisable faces to join us for this special session. * KEANE CERAMICS CLAY SAMPLES for the first 50 people!
* Stacks of NEW BOOKS! (10% off for TACA members)
* Bring your plate to donate to TACA'S PLATE WALL
* Not a TACA member? Come along and join!

Like to come along?
Please register your intention to join us by emailing, mail@australianceramics.com.

The Australian Ceramics Association
Square One Studios, 32 Bowden St, Alexandria NSW 2015
T: 1300 720 124, 0419 250 282
E: mail@australianceramics.com

Ceramic Cup Competition ... an opportunity for potters! | Makers: @sophiejanemoran @onebluenest @yeshamac
Submissions close on 13 April 2018.

Tea and ceramics have partnered up for at least 7,000 years that we know of. Today is no different with a fabulous collaboration between The Australian Ceramics Association and the Australian Tea Cultural Seminar (AUSTCS). Certainly, the development of fine porcelain during the Ming Dynasty in China had a profound effect on the drinking habits and tea culture of the Chinese. The frothy, murky powdered teas that had been so popular through earlier dynasties did nothing for the aesthetic effects of fine eggshell porcelain. A shift to the amber, copper and golden liquors of black tea infusions created far more appealing effects and created a cultural shift in not only Chinese tea culture, but the world.

In 2018, The Australian Ceramics Association and AUSTCS are working together to offer Australian potters an opportunity to be a part of a movement which is questioning Australian tea culture. Do we already have one? If not, how do we pull together all the elements to create one?

The Australian Tea Cultural Seminar is a once-a-year gathering of tea lovers from business, education, government, international bodies and tea enthusiasts. The two-day seminar starts with a ritual called Welcome by Tea. Delegates sit at tables of 8 or 10, including a volunteer brewer. The volunteer brewers will make tea for the others around their table and will serve and explain the tea during breaks between guest speakers. The volunteer brewers are asked to select a tea that reflects their personaliTEA, their culture or their business. It's a chance to share!

The cup that is selected from the AUSTCS Cup Competition will be given to each of the delegates as a gift and will be used during our Welcome by Tea. The unique nature of the cup, and its gifting at the seminar, makes it a true collectors item for tea lovers attending the event.

Help us create an Australian tea culture using an expression of your craft. #australianceramics #cupcompetition #australiantea #australianteaculture #ceramiccups #ceramiccompetition

Angus Gardner, NSW | #Repost @angusgardner | photo: Ian Hobbs @ianhobbs_pic ・・・
Installing work tonight for a group show tomorrow @tributary.projects with Tom Campbell and Emma Rani Hodges. Opens tomorrow Thursday 15 March at 6pm, Unit 9, Molonglo Mall, Fyshwick, ACT. If you're in Canberra please come along 🏛... thanx @iantran_ for the shelves #australianceramics #nswceramics #ceramics #keramik #セラミックス #陶器 #céramique #poterie #cerámica #陶瓷 #도기류 #도예 #keramik #contemporaryceramics

Anne Mossman, QLD | #Repost @annemossman
Working on new series about 'the mind'. The title is a WIP.

#allinthemind #sculpture #ceramic #australianceramics #wip #queenslandceramics #themind

Phil Elson, VIC | #Repost @elson.phil
Small porcelain bowl, 'The Palest Pale' | Castlemaine 2018 #australianceramics #castlemaine #barcelonapotter #handthrown #porcelain #victorianceramics #castlemaineceramics

Luke Ryan, NSW | #Repost @lukeryan____
Sneak peek 👀 “CLAY DATE” opens Friday night from 6pm @541artspace as part of @artmonthsydney, with the @kil.n.it crew 🍻#australianceramics #sydneyceramics #artmonthsydney #claydate #nswceramics #541artspace

Hyeyoun Shin, QLD | #Repost @illyswall
I broke so many pieces for this project.. my frame works are very weak before firing. Breaks a lot making times and especially delivery time!!(I don’t own a kiln so I have to drive 10mins for firing. 😢). I wanted to give up so many times but try to be very patient. This piece was broken just before into the kiln😱 but I fired anyway and I love it. 💙
#pottery #porcelain #ceramics #australianceramics #handmadeceramics #wallart #wallhanging #homedecor #ceramicdesign #도자기 #도예 #queenslandceramics

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