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Austin Weiss  Owner of @grindhardgarage and @grindhardammo 07FFL/02SOT. Dreams don’t work unless you do Wifey @I_Am_MrsW 📧: Austin@Thegunblog.net 👻: AustinWeiss1983


I told Yost I want my vault to Scream America.
I think he nailed it. Can’t wait to see what he comes up for other areas.

My @hesterfab vault now at its new home inside @grindhardammo.
You know I can’t not have murals in the new building so @theartofyost came up and did his thing.

Happy Monday.
Volume is a must with This, it made me laugh entirely to hard.
I think I threw a rib out.

Just saying the logic doesn’t work.
Cars and trucks weren’t designed to kill people yet they kill more than guns. I’ve been getting a lot of hate DM’s about guns and Ammo after this horrible act of terror this deranged individual caused. Let’s get a few facts straight. All of My guns are locked up safely in vaults and safes unless they’re on my person and or go bag. To scream for more gun control because of a deranged individual decided to take innocent lives doesn’t mean I’m giving up my right to defend myself and loved ones. I have people saying I shouldn’t be manufacturing Ammo right now or I shouldn’t be posting pictures of guns. My guns didn’t hurt anyone. My Ammo is to be used in a responsible form by legal and lawful individuals. If someone does something wrong let’s blame the person not the inanimate object they used. Taking away rights from millions of legal law abiding gun owners won’t fix our mental health issue. Remember who stopped the crazy church killer in Texas were lawful gun owners with a AR-15 and Eotech scope if I remember the interview correctly. The bad guy with a gun was faced with a good guy with a gun. This is why you never see mass shootings at gun shows, people who wish to cause harm pick for a lack of a better term “soft targets” gun free zones, target rich environments. You’re basically taking the rights away from people to defend themselves. I’m not saying let’s arm the kids. I’m am saying we should allow teachers, coaches, any faculty to be screened, trained and conceal carry if they elect to, have more armed security who have plans for these horrible events. At the end of the day no law will stop evil. So sending me hate mail won’t change my views it only instills my reasoning for being prepared. Shout out to those Swat boys for clearing that school so fast. I saw a lot of them working in a very shitty environment and they had to safeguard every child in there while safe guarding themselves from a active shooter. My hearts go out to the families affected by this act of terror. Listening to the interviews of people saying they knew he was a threat and he already made threats yet nothing was done makes me sick.

This is the back pack plate I carry. It’s rated for rifle rounds. I spoke to the Vice President of @dfndrarmor and he said they will give 15% off on all their plates using code Grindhard.
I got a ton of dm’s about which plate and where did I get it so here you go.
Direct link to this plate and their page in my bio.
This is their middle line, they make lighter weight less stopping power and heavier for more. This plate will stop 7.62x51 as well as 5.56x45

A real hero...
A lot of people failed to catch this from happening. The shooter was reported more than once and should never of had access to the gun and just shows you when evil wants to shows its ugly face it will. The shooter being charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. While The coach shielded kids from certain death by using his own body.
A Sacrifice like no other. God speed Aaron Feis.
Someone asked me what I would do different at schools, I would have trained armed security, retired military, law enforcement, training and arming some of the teachers, something but that’s just me. I know nothing is going to be a fix all, I know evil will always show its face but I’d rather have schools prepared than not.
Sad we have to think about this but this is why my backpack has plates in it, this is why my daughters will have plates in it. She will know how to get small and hide behind them. Sad but what’s else can these students do. I’m a bit of a prepper. Can’t bubble wrap people and hide them from the scary world but we can prepare them, while working towards solutions with out infringing on our rights as law abiding citizens.

Thanks @Instagram who controls this?
#Instagram is so bad.
The new #Snapchat update is trash.
I’m about to go back to AOL chat rooms
Maybe try and find my old password to MySpace.

You ever talk about something and all the sudden see ads, Yet you never once searched for it in the past?
They “say their not listening to our conversations”

Goal: Build Ammo company ✔️
Literally from the ground up.
This was not a overnight process.
140 Grain SMK HPBT

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