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director of photography  there are roads through the wilderness and rivers in the badlands.


(airplane noises)

(crowd cheering)

(light breeze)

@danielstraub - brother, creative director, haze manager

so, I can finally talk about a project that I've been pouring my heart into for the last 6 months! (swipe for more clips —>)
I had the insane opportunity to DP two episodes of Season 2 of @lifeandthyme's The Migrant Kitchen!
I'll be diving more into the technicalities of some of the shooting later, because for me, this project is much bigger than what camera we used and how we lit the kitchens. Even if you're not into food, I promise you'll walk away with something from this. It's timely, it's important, and it shows off why LA is such a beautiful city – it's not the buildings, weather, or really even the food. It's the people. Food is just one of the languages that allows us to experience the decades and centuries of culture and history that each people group brings. I had the best time getting to know these chefs, and their passion to share their experiences through food with the best quality ingredients and with the most beautiful presentation possible was truly contagious.
I shot the Indian episode (directed by @timaldengrant) and the Japanese episode (directed by @benhunter), but you'll definitely want to catch the Mexican and Vietnamese episodes too, both directed by @antonio and shot by @benhunter! You'll be able to catch all the episodes online and on TV soon, but for now, check out the trailer with the link in my bio (or over @lifeandthyme) and keep your eyes there for more about the air dates!
#themigrantkitchen #lifeandthyme #food #documentary #shotonred @reddigitalcinema

quiet on set

those who dream
new work for rock hill church.

had a ton of fun doing this on no budget with a really great group of people.

(provocative caption/lyric goes here) #shotoniphone

thought the sunrise was part of the mood lighting for a minute. @alaskaair

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