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Austin Rivers  M.o.a.M

Young champs!!! Team M.o.a.M

Not exactly the ending we wanted....would love to be heading into the playoffs especially with how close we were to getting in! But I’m still proud of the team. Considering all the injuries we had...Guy after guy stepped up and made the most of it. Will learn from this and improve. Back to the grind of getting better and getting ready for 18-19! For the ones who did support me or the clips I really appreciate you! 🙏🏼

No matter what people say, I’m going to keep working...keep grinding and keep getting better. The untrue negative comments....stories...and coverage will never phase me as a player, nor as a person. This cover means a lot to me for what it symbolizes! My early career struggles for one, and the constant scrutiny for playing for “Doc” aka my pops lol. In a weird way I’m thankful for it.....the early career struggles and the hate. It has helped mold me into the player and person I am today. It’s apart of what drives me to keep getting better besides the obvious, To Win!! My early career struggles taught me a lot! Taught me I wasn’t as good as I thought I was and that I needed to work harder to get much better. A slice of humble pie sort of speak. I’m thankful for it because it really made me grow tougher skin. Tough skin that i needed to have if I were to ever play for my pops at this level. People seem to forget I was the number 1 high school player in America....or a Lottery pick in the draft. These same people judge me now before watching...and can’t realize no matter who I play for that I’m out there on that court alone like every other player. But that’s fine! Honestly that’s real. It’s a what have you done for me lately world. Who cares about the past....doesn’t do anything for us now. So in that case, who cares about the early career struggles, the bad numbers, the no playoff appearances!! I’m here now and I’m going! Do To hard work and God first, my family’s support, great team mates and coaches over the years who taught me right. And lastly the will to be the greatest me I can be, and hopefully 1 day Win a ring. I appreciate the the people who do support me, means more than u know. And to the people who don’t... to each its own. But just know...I’m not stoping! I’m not perfect, far from it, still will have bad games and good games like every other player. But overall Imma keep hoopin, keep getting better, and keep doing as much as I can to help the team win!! Again I’m thankful as always!!! @dimemagazine Thanks for the opportunity. Sorry to get a little deep in here lol. Just like to tell my truth before someone else writes it for me. God bless all 🙏🏼

Keep em coming.
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Close to getting back at it 👌🏼

It was a pleasure meeting you man. Getting to work with you last year was amazing. For you were not only a knowledgeable player....but more so a great man! Smh Crazy this just happened. May you and your wife RIP in heaven. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Put this filter in slumber....cause they sleeping on us.... 💤 @louwillville

Crazy how time flies......remember when we first starting dating all the way back in 10th grade. It’s been nearly ten years since than. We have had our fair share of trials, obstacles, and problems as a couple....mostly my fault lol! But u being one of the strongest woman I know stood by my side, and here we are today....stronger than ever! So glad to now call you my fiancée! Look forward to loving you unconditionally and providing the best life I can for you and our family as your husband! Love you B!

Always good to see the fam tho... @jrdup21

Need I say more....


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