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some late nights it gets to me... then I have to remember that I'm not done... I may be sick of life knocking me down, but that doesn't mean I'm out of the fight yet.... especially when I STILL HAVE SO MUCH FIGHT IN ME LEFT! πŸ₯ŠπŸ₯ŠπŸ₯Š NEXT ROUND πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

For Manchester, Syria, and Venezuela... For Uganda, Hati, and the Philippines. For the Maldives, Algeria, Ethiopia, and Nigeria. For Jordan, Yemen, Libya, Greece, Sudan, Serbia, El Salvador... πŸ•Š

happiest of birthdays bud, miss getting to do this together every night... miss getting to hangout with one of my best friends every day even more x

"Who cares if one more light goes out? In a sky of a million stars... Who cares when someone's time runs out? If a moment is all we are... Who cares if one more light goes out?... I do. I do." πŸŒ…πŸŒ…πŸŒ… From touring, performing, writing, learning, listening, and mentoring, to sending me comic books while in the hospital, the members of @linkinpark family&crew have made a great impact on my life over the past few years... All the while, from HYBRID THEORY, REANIMATION, & METEORA, fast forward to #ONEMORELIGHT that came out this weekend, their MUSIC has always done the same... LINKIN my bio get yourself a copy XX swipe left #linkinpark

"I have found, all that shimmers in this world is sure to fade... away... again..."

it's not often I root against the SPURS in the #PLAYOFFS but @klaythompson LET'S GET THIS SERIES!! #goldenstatewarriors

loyalty: "the quality of being loyal to someone or something; a strong feeling of support or allegiance. (synonyms; devotion, duty, trustworthiness, dedication, commitment)" - this comes so naturally for many animals like dogs, if only humans could follow by example, if only we all had a person in our lives who they know without a shadow of a doubt, will always be there, who will never leave or abandon them... There IS a man who set the example for this though, His name is JESUS CHRIST, and I've experienced a hundred times over more love, mercy, grace, steadfastness, loyalty and compassion from Him than any animal or person could even comprehend... Even when I cursed His name, and deliberately went against what I knew was right, He was always waiting with open arms, always calling me back. He is a God of free will, a God of choice... and I choose to follow πŸ•Š Don't let a church, group of people, or certain religion, dilute this for you, it's about a relationship with Christ and acknowledgement of the sacrifice He made for us, not a one specific religion, meaningless repeatitive ritualistic prayers, or following a list of orders to be "good enough." NO ONE is good enough, (even WITH Christ we will fall short) and thats why it amazes me, because of the sacrifice His son made, we can still come straight into the presence of GOD and talk to Him, listen to Him, be with Him. You don't need a pope or priest to do so either, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise... there is only ONE father who can forgive and He does not reside on the cross or a confessional box X Matthew 10:32-33 // Luke 12:48 #GODISNOTDEAD #MOSTCHURCHESARE #FOLLOWCHRISTNOTADENOMINATION #SOLOSCRIPTURA

πŸš€ #bloom @machinegunkelly @slimxx @rookxx @andreciscoxx #est #XX also @danny_evans took this pic, happy born day bloom day brother!!!

time sure does fly, my heart goes out to @cassycxoxo's momma and family this week more than ever... ❀ Deuteronomy 31:6 (We recorded Cassy's hands clapping live in the studio with her and added them to the bridge of 'the lie'πŸŽ™πŸŽΌπŸ‘) x Anyone that was blessed enough to have her be a part of their lives knew just how much of a heart she had for Jesus. Cassy emanated light, energy, Christs love, and was one of the multiple reasons I began to strengthen & renew my walk & faith in Him as well. "This world is not my home, I'm just passing through" Nothing but blessings πŸ•Š Hola desde Costa Rica mi oraciones, mi amor, estΓ‘ contigo. mi quite todo lo que el dolor Jesus can!

"The very best donation you can make is with your time..." Very thankful for my cousins in Arkansas sending down new shoes for our team though!! Most of us had never even worn cleats before! All the equipment we use is donated by various people and we are so grateful! We even moved from using a tee to live pitching (after NAILING one young batter it also forced me to become a better pitcher immediately haha!) Even during all my procedures and treatments I look forward to teaching local baseball each week here because it helps heal the pain & nausea for those few hours we get to spend together, and because I see a little bit of myself in every young person there πŸ•ŠβšΎ Ver a todos los jueves no tirar el bate de beisbol!!!!! Gloria a Dios!!!! Xx

IV treatment no. 123/1000000 πŸ˜‚

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