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Austin Banach  -Entrepreneur❤️ -Leader -Private Chef/ Consultant -Fitness 🏋 -Nutrition🍌 -Taco Wizard🌮 -Oystermonger⚓️

Please take a minute to follow our new food business. It would mean a lot to me!!

On a scale from one to tequila—how happy do we look? 😜

Happy life...63 days and counting until our wedding!! Photo- @avidalovephotography

I’ve been judging my success on how I spend my days.
Reading, working hard, and especially taking time for self care so I can show up clearer and stronger for myself and others around me.
Today I was triumphant.

Love, confidence, power and belief! ❤️🙏

Family birthdays!! Nothing beats family time #poolparties #restaurants #badmittentourny #cheeseymovies

Fun collaboration with @botanicagb and their new late night hours, cocktails, oysters and food!!!! #oysterbar #rawbar #shuckon #oystersommelier

Well another week closes as another begins. Such a fun and insightful week in St Louis with @michellerago incredible dining, culture, WORK, friends and learning. Blessed for trips like this and eager for more! What’s next!! #lifeontgeroad, #destinations #foodconsulting #themuny100 #stlouiseats #meetmeinstlouis #culinarytheater

Dear Veronica,

Happy Birthday!! I love all the big things planned this year 💍 BUT all the little things accumulated over time reminds me just how lucky and blessed I am!! -I love making us dinner
-I love folding all of your cat, frog, Fox, and other cute animal printed socks
-I love our little tea outings and dates on snowy days or just as a surprise after work.
-I love when you make fun of me for having strange long ear hairs and calling me a wizard.
-I love listening to you sing a goodnight song every night to our pup.
-I love when you ask me to make pancakes on Sundays.
-I love watching you knit while we watch our weekly tv shows.
-I love finding new seasonal decorations around the house that you ‘couldn’t leave at target or Marshall’s’
-I love being bored with you and making up stupid songs and driving each other crazy with them.
-I love when we drive together and critique every house we pass (as if they all were for sale) -I love that you surprise me every day with even more silly, cute, quirky, or small things to love about you.

Happy birthday to someone who’s heart is soo big and who has all of mine!! ❤️❤️

Wishing you all a great Monday and start to a new week of endless possibilities, creativeness, mindfulness and love. #fightforit #mondays #notalone #enjoythejourney

3 days of eating my way through NYC calls for lean protein and greens...lots of greens... Kimchi glazed chicken, sautéed daikon and bok choy. Side ‘tiger salad’. There’s no food like home. 👠👠🥘

Ahh the simple things... Perfectly melt in your mouth rare hanger steak tacos with chili Slaw, Momofuku scallion sauce, cashew crema and kimchee purée.... Sometimes the smallest and simplest things take up the most room in my heart.

Fun and creative after school Valentines Day tea party and dinner:
Spicy turmeric meatballs with roasted chickpeas, sweet potatoes and yogurt sauce.
I love creating fun ideas, food and memories with those I love.
Food is not just fuel. Food is about family, food is about community, food is about identity. And we nourish all those things when we eat well. ❤️❤️

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