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Austin Schubert  | CUNE Baseball 23’ | “Existing only to make heaven more crowded” | Latest Sermon ——>

Community is one of the most important parts of life and I am so thankful for the community God has blessed me with right now! There are so many World Changers that I’ve met in the past couple of months and I can’t wait to see how God uses everyone! Big things are coming! If you are looking for a community of people on fire for their faith please reach out or come meet everyone at @thepursuit___ ! Shoutout to @willburkemusic for killing worship tonight!

I’ve never left Passion or Sharptop the same as I walked in. God worked in amazing ways through Winter Weekend and I am so thankful for all of the incredibly passionate people that were a part of it!!!

The Pursuit has been such a blessing! I’ve met so many amazing people through this and you have to make it to the next one!!!! Shoutout to @lukefreiburg for absolutely bringing it again!!!

Thankful for these brothas and the opportunity to do a Worship Circle at Living Hope tonight! Big thanks to @mikeoworship for Leading us tonight!!!

At the beginning of this year I really wanted to work on “surrendering”. One of my biggest struggles has always been trying to constantly do things my way and having a strong grip on how I want everything to go, and to value my will over God’s plan. This year has already started to show me how amazing it truly is when you begin to let go of the grip on your life and allow God to work through you, and the peace it brings when you cast your cares on him! I got the opportunity to preach at my Church last Sunday and through the whole process of preparing and preaching the message, it really started to open my eyes to the big picture of what’s important. I really hope that y’all can start to take your next step towards putting your faith in him this year! I’ve never met anyone regretting taking a step towards God and there is nothing out there more important than this!

Tonight was such an amazing night worshiping with such incredible people! Don’t let people who didn’t die for you determine how you worship the God that did die for you! God is doing extraordinary things and he has us right where we are right now for a purpose and he is doing something in us right now so that he can do great things through us in the future!

Happy Birthday CRAINZ!!! I’ve never had a friend in my life that’s had my back as much this guy, thanks for always holding me accountable in my walk with Christ and for teaching me how to send it! I haven’t met anyone that is as smart, athletically talented, and passionate for God as Boss Man, Love ya Brotha!

Worship nights with this family never get old

So thankful for everyone that made this birthday the best one yet!!! #airmattressrafting

“Did we just become bestfriends?”

If you love Krispy Kreme and Jesus then we’ll see you at the Pursuit November 15th! @thepursuit___

I am so thankful for all of the friends and family that were a part of today and I can’t wait to be a part of CUNE! #childrenofthecorn

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